10 Strongest Characters In Dragon Ball (Who Aren’t Gods)

Tea dragonball series continues to pit the heroic Goku up against increasingly dangerous threats while it also chronicles the character’s growth and carefully expands upon the scope of its story. However, the pursuit of greater strength is always on everyone’s minds in Dragon Ball.

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It’s truly remarkable to consider how powerful these characters have become. dragonball has reached a point where it’s literally introduced Gods into its storytelling, but there are some unique individuals who are practically as powerful.

10 Gohan’s Power And Potential Only Continues To Rise And Achieve New Heights

Gohan enters at the start of Dragon Ball Z, and he’s immediately hinted at being an important individual. Even as an infant, Gohan’s latent potential can’t help but sneak out, and this culminates in him becoming the first Super Saiyan 2 during his battle against Cell. Gohan goes on to achieve other prestigious milestones, like receiving the Ultimate upgrade from Old Kai.

Admittedly, Gohan’s martial art skills regress while his priorities shift over to his family. However, the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero push Gohan past his limits and tease a new transformation that may even be able to put Goku and Vegeta to shame. Gohan is about to return to relevancy in a major way.

9 Gas Abuses The Dragon Balls To Become The Strongest In The Universe

Gas of the Heeter Force is the current villain who Goku and Vegeta continue to struggle against in the Dragon Ball Super manga. Gas makes use of an extremely unique fighting style where he forms weapons out of ki and traps his targets with restraint cubes.

Gas is able to hold his own against both Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego strength due to a wish upon the Dragon Balls to become the strongest in the universe. Elec then pushes Gas one step further by removing his power inhibitor so that his pure, unbridled rage can let loose.

8 Frieza’s Ego And Sense Of Entitlement Have Allowed Him To Accomplish The Impossible

The heroes first encounter Frieza relatively early on in the run of Dragon Ball Z, but he’s a villain who’s returned more than anyone else and has even properly regained his mortality. Frieza usually amounts to a prolonged nuisance for the Saiyans, but he debuts a new transformation, Golden Frieza, which becomes a gamechanger.

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Frieza’s strength only continues to grow and he proves himself to be one of the most valuable fighters for Universe 7 during the Tournament of Power. Frieza may be overdue for another transformation or upgrade, but he’s one of the most powerful in the universe.

7 Granolah’s Cerealian Skills Become Amplified Through A Volatile Wish

Granolah the surviving Cerealian has a heated history with the Saiyans, but he’s also had his eyes opened in significant ways that have turned him into a reluctant ally of Goku and Vegeta as they all collectively take on Gas.

As a Cerealian, Granolah is naturally gifted with extreme sniping skills, but he also develops a powerful attack style with creative energy projectiles. Granolah is so driven to complete his goal that he uses the Dragon Balls to become exponentially stronger but at the cost of it shortening his lifespan. Nevertheless, he’s now on par with Ultra Ego Vegeta and Ultra Instinct Goku.

6 Piccolo’s Namekian Potential Finally Comes To A Head

It’s easy for dragonball to develop tunnel vision with its Saiyans and make it seem like they’re the only important characters. Piccolo stands out as the series’ central Namekian, which empowers him with many unique abilities, like regeneration, that frequently go overlooked.

It’s difficult for Piccolo to compete with the continued Super Saiyan transformations, but it seems like he’s finally developed a strategy to stand out. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero pushes Piccolo to make use of the Dragon Balls and ascend to new levels of strength. The movie’s trailer hints at the reveal of Orange Piccolo, who is easily the strongest Namekian that’s ever been seen.

5 Kefla Represents The Apex Of Universe 6’s Saiyan Strength

The existence of a multiverse reveals that Universe 6 has a thriving Saiyan population, with Kale, Caulifla, and Cabba being some of their strongest fighters. Kale and Caulifla ascend to Super Saiyan 2 strength with little difficulty, but their power exponentially increases after they fuse together into Kefla.

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Kefla maximizes the best elements of each Saiyan and the end result becomes one of the biggest disruptors in the Tournament of Power. The final leg of the competition that pits Goku and Jiren against each other still features Kefla as one of the few individuals who continues to survive and give these juggernauts a challenge.

4 Jiren Is The Pride Of Universe 11 And A One-Man Army

The Tournament of Power is a multiversal battle royale that pits the strongest warriors from Universe 7 up against dozens of worthy adversaries. The other universes soon understand that they can’t compare to Universe 7’s strength, but an early outlier is Jiren, a member of the Pride Troopers and the strongest fighter from Universe 11.

Jiren becomes Universe 7’s biggest competition and he’s able to hold off Vegeta, Kefla, Frieza, and even Goku in a temporary state of Ultra Instinct. Hopefully, dragonball hasn’t seen the last of Jiren because there’s a lot more to explore with this character.

3 Broly’s Raw Rage Humbles Both Goku And Vegeta

The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly is a popular dragonball character who’s been the focal point of multiple Dragon Ball Z movies and video games, but he doesn’t officially enter the series’ canon until Dragon Ball Super: Broly. This revised version of the character is also by far the strongest take on the Saiyan.

Broly enters an uncontrollable berserker state that doesn’t just completely overwhelm Frieza, but it also puts up a decent fight against Gogeta Blue, a fused version of Goku and Vegeta in their strongest state. Broly is still in the picture, and it’s likely he’ll only grow more powerful as he learns from Goku.

2 Vegeta Understands How To Maximize His Strengths To Hit New Heights

The ongoing friendly rivalry that exists between Vegeta and Goku is one of the most satisfying dynamics in the entirety of the shonen genre. So much of these Saiyans’ relationship is marked by the two chasing after each other’s accomplishments.

Vegeta undergoes an epiphany after he trains on Planet Yardrat and decides that he’s better off forging his own path instead of copying Goku’s progress. The result is Ultra Ego, an intimidating transformation that feeds off of damage and rage. This is more than enough, but Vegeta has also recently mastered Hakai, the signature erasure technique of the Gods of Destruction.

1 Goku’s Endless Heroism Helps Him Excel As The Ultimate Fighter

Goku is dragonball‘s protagonist, which means that he’s usually the strongest character in the series and the first one to stumble upon new transformations. Goku’s powers are tremendous by the end of Dragon Ball Z, but the heights of Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, and Ultra Instinct put the Saiyan on a whole other level.

Goku’s relationship with Ultra Instinct is still somewhat temperamental, but when he’s locked into its perfected state, there are few individuals who can defeat him, including Gods.

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