4 DIY methods to take better care of your green plants and water them when you are away

We all need to go on a long vacation from time to time. But what happens with our beautiful indoor plants when we are not there, how to water them and keep them alive? Today we present to you these 4 methods for an easy and approved holiday plant watering system that will allow your plants not to suffer during your absences. These are easy tricks even for those who don’t really have a green thumb, but watch out! Only use these techniques for plants that need daily watering, such as kitchen herbs.

Vacation Plant Watering System: The Traditional Water Drainage Method

Taking care of your plants when you’re away is easy with this vacation plant watering system. You will need a large container such as a bucket or a vase and some cotton rope. Cotton clothesline is perfect for this system and is widely available.

  1. – Cut a piece of cotton cord long enough to fit between the bottom of your chosen water reservoir and the soil of the plant.
  2. – Take one end of the rope and stick it several centimeters below the surface of the soil in the pot, close to the plant. Avoid disturbing the roots of the plant.
  3. – Lay the other end of the rope at the bottom of the water container and fill well with water. Make sure the rope touches the bottom of the container.

The rope can slowly evacuate the water from the container to the pot, which will help maintain a constant level of humidity in the soil.

Vacation plant watering system with water bottle

vacation plant watering system with water bottle

For this method you need an empty plastic bottle. For a small to medium plant pot, a water bottle will be sufficient. Make several drainage holes in the bottle near the top. Water your plants as you normally do before going on vacation.

Fill the plastic bottle with water and quickly turn it upside down and press it a few inches into the soil surface of the pot. The bottle should not be too close to the plant, and the soil in the pot should cover the holes in the bottle.

Water will slowly drain from the bottle as the soil begins to dry out. For larger plant pots, use a wine bottle. Fill it, place your thumb over the opening, and turn it upside down, pushing it into the soil of the plant.

Give your plants a big bath when you leave

how to take care of your plants when you're on vacation

This holiday watering system is suitable for plant pots with good drainage. Fill the sink or tub with a few inches of water and place a towel inside for protection. Put the plant pots in there and leave them that way while you’re away. The soil will draw water to the roots keeping the plants well hydrated for up to a week.

Make sure plants placed in the sink or tub also get light and don’t leave them dark in the bathroom.

watering green plants during the holidays

It’s a method with a perfect vacation plant watering system when you’re away longer. Take a transparent plastic bag large enough to cover the plant and its pot. Add stakes to the pot to prevent the bag from snagging on the plant. It is not a problem if the sachet touches the plant a little, but no great contact between the two.

Water the plant as you normally do without over-watering it. Then place the plant in the bag and put the bag on the plant and around the pot. Blow a little air into the bag before closing it to create an air balloon around the plant. Thus the bag will not cling to the leaves of the plant.

Then leave the plant in the bag in a place with indirect light and avoid direct sunlight so as not to kill the plant. You have created a small greenhouse that will be able to capture the evaporating water and send it back to the plant.

how to water your plants when you're on vacation

One of the most useful things you can do for your house plants when you go on vacation is to be familiar with the individual watering needs of each of your plants. Start watering the plants with a large measuring cup or marked pitcher to see how much water each plant needs and how often.

Knowing the exact amount of water plants need could help you find the perfect vacation plant watering system for your green plants’ needs. And once you have taken good care of the plants before leaving you will be able to rest well during your vacation.

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