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India is home to several cuisines, but there are only a few regional cuisines that find love in the whole country. Punjabi cuisine is loved by all. It sums up everything we love about our desi cuisine – high level of spice, myriad flavors, rich sauces and a variety of ingredients that come together to make stellar dishes. Punjabi cuisine represents Indian food culture in its most basic form and that is why we all love having Punjabi food on our table more often than we would like to admit. If you agree with us, then treat yourself to a finger-licking Punjabi-style dinner whenever the mood strikes. To make it easier for you, we have selected some easy recipes for a delicious Punjabi dinner.

Here are 9 Punjabi style dinner recipes:

1. Punjabi Dal Tadka: Our top recommendation

We make different types of dal almost every day, but what makes this dal tadka special is the punjabi style tadka that goes on top of the cooked dal. – a mixture of chana and toor dal, flavored with various eclectic spices. Click here for the recipe.

Punjabi dal tadka is a must. o752in38

2. Dhaba Dal

The state of Punjab abounds with many dhabas and each offers soothing cuisine not found in a high-end restaurant. The rustic flavors of this urad dal are enhanced by a fiery tadka of coriander seeds, javitri powder, saunf, cloves, cinnamon and more. Here is the Punjabi dhaba dal recipe.

3. Amritsari Murgh Makhani

Chicken lovers swear by butter chicken and no other chicken sauce can match its popularity, ever! This Punjabi style butter chicken from Amritsar has our hearts. Here is the recipe you must try.

4. Punjabi Lemon Chicken

It’s tangy, it’s spicy and it’s creamy – this chicken sauce is all you need to satiate your heart as well as your belly before a good night’s sleep. Along with a range of spices, orange juice and lemon juice are added to add spiciness, and sugarcane juice is also added to neutralize excessive acidity with a mild sweetness. Click here for the recipe.

5. Pindi Channe

This dish is another popular Punjab state gift for all of us. This dhaba-style dish is made with indulgent chickpea spells in every bite. Pair it with a roti, paratha or naan and enjoy a lip-smacking dinner with your family and friends. Click here for the recipe.


Pindi channe is the perfect dhaba style dish that everyone loves.qa7va13g

6. Punjabi Kadhi Pakodi

If there’s kadhi, rice, and roti on our plate, we can’t wait to dig in. Imagine if the same dish is made in the Punjabi style. The sauce for this dish is made creamy and dense by mixing yogurt and gram flour in a blender. And the besan pakoda is leveled by adding onions with spices. Click here for the recipe.

7. Punjabi Sarson Ka Saag

8. Punjabi Macchi

If a light fish dinner is on your mind, this Punjabi macchi is ideal for a healthy and delicious dinner. The fish fillets are cooked in a pool of spice and chilli powder, and to top it off, mint paste, lemon juice and amchur are added to give it some really refreshing flavors. Click here for the recipe.

9. Punjabi Tadka Maggi

When we’re not in the mood for a typical roti-sabzi affair, Maggi always steps in as a savior. But the next time you rush to make Maggi, give it a try with this Punjabi style recipe and you will fall in love with it. Here is the recipe.


Punjabi style Maggi will win your heart. o752in38

Punjabi food never fails to impress us. Spice up your dinner menu with these amazing recipes.

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