“A new generation of brands is emerging to promote different eating” Jubiles

Antoine Martin and François Verdier, founders of Jubiles, can you tell us about your background and your brand?

Antoine: A geological engineer by training, I became passionate about nutrition and healthy and responsible food following health problems encountered by my dear mother about ten years ago. This personal experience opened my eyes to the essential place of food and our way of life on our health: we have the keys!

François: As for me, I’m always available and motivated when it comes to pulling out the toolbox to install new equipment or set up a new machine. Jubiles’ workshop is my playground! By creating Jubiles, I found a profession that speaks to me, in which I fully blossom and can defend the values ​​that are important to me.

Together, we therefore founded Jubiles: a social and solidarity economy company, to brew and market Kombucha. We strongly believe in the advantages of this drink to contribute to the development of a better diet.

Who do you think are the food players of tomorrow?

We believe that we are all, on our own scale, the food players of tomorrow!

As consumers, of course, we have the choice of what we buy and we can choose to consume products that are healthier and more respectful of the environment by learning more about the reality of the products in our daily lives.

Distributors also have a very important role: that of choosing the products that will be offered to consumers. By selecting the products and the companies with which they work more on these quality and sustainability criteria, they therefore have a leading role in the rest of the chain.

Finally, brands obviously have a very important role to play. A new generation of brands is emerging to promote a different diet: offering healthier, less processed, nutritionally better products; relocate crops; promote short circuits…

If all the links get involved, we really believe that a change in our diet is possible!

How does your brand contribute to the mission of producing better food for as many people as possible?

From the beginning, at Jubiles, we have sought to play our part in this positive evolution of food. This is why we wanted to brew and market kombucha: to try to bring this ancestral drink up to date, which is a very good alternative to other drinks consumed daily such as sodas, lemonades or even fruit juices.
Kombucha actually has a very interesting nutritional profile: it is already much less sugary than a soda or a fruit juice, 2 to 3 times less depending on the brand.

It is also a living drink, rich in microorganisms, which contributes, like all unpasteurized fermented foods, to a certain balance in the intestinal flora, the link with health of which has now been demonstrated. a subject today most studied in the scientific field.

We are also very careful about the sourcing of our ingredients, which are all organic, to guarantee their quality, from fair trade when they come from afar, and we are very careful about their environmental footprint.

Today, kombucha remains a drink little known to consumers. Our ambition is to succeed in democratizing it thanks to the work we do on taste: we work carefully on our recipes with herbal infusions and fruit juices to give it a pleasant organoleptic profile, and to succeed in making this healthy drink accessible. to the greatest number! Because without pleasure, it is difficult to change your habits!

Can you name a few brands that you think are exemplary?

It’s hard to talk about setting an example, but as we said just before, today we see several new players working to improve.

We could, for example, cite Quintesens, a brand that speaks to us well with their objective of replacing typical “junk food” products with an alternative that is just as good in taste but better for health and sustainability. They are also working on the relocation of certain ingredients, for example mustard, which has become very famous in recent months!

Or even Atelier V, in Vannes, whose products highlight legumes while respecting seasonality.

Or our friends from Symples, who value French aromatic plants, and who, like us, offer an alternative to sodas.

We won’t be able to name them all, but there is real momentum right now and that’s a very good thing!

More information on www.jubiles.bio

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