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Whether it’s to fill up on energy, de-stress, or calm your hunger before dinner, we concoct fruit and vegetable smoothies to meet our needs. iStock

To fill up on energy, de-stress or just calm your hunger at snack time, we concoct fruit and vegetable smoothies. Easy to prepare and transport, choose the recipe that meets your needs. Advice for six smoothies from nutritionist Sophie Ortega.

The red smoothie for an energy boost

Take when waking up like a Bolivian sloth or when you have a severe nose dive in the middle of the afternoon. “The objective is to fight a moment of fatigue. To boost yourself, we therefore rely on sugar, provided by honey and red fruits, their vitamins, they contain more than citrus fruits, and the proteins of yogurt”, explains nutritionist Sophie Ortega. The smoothie can be drunk at any time of the day or to replace breakfast. If you need to eat more, add one or two slices of buttered wholemeal bread, or a piece of cheese.
What to put in your blender? 50 g of raspberries, 50 g of blueberries and 50 g of blackcurrants, with a natural yogurt, 10 cl of coconut cream and a teaspoon of honey.
Good to know : red fruits, even frozen, retain their vitamins.

The white smoothie to soothe stress

No need to deploy great means to relax for a week under high tension, we simply dig into our cupboards: “In times of stress, we need energy while avoiding taking stimulants. We therefore favor slow sugars banana, the fruits least rich in vitamin C, such as the pear, and the magnesium which soothes the nervous system, provided here by almond milk”, indicates the doctor.
What to put in your blender? A banana, a pear, two tablespoons of almond cream and 15 cl of almond milk.
Good to know : if the vegetables and fruits are not organic, remember to peel them before blending.

The tangy smoothie for a detox effect

Savoyard fondue the day before, meal taken upside down for several days, it doesn’t take much to know the joys of digestive problems. “The foods in the smoothie must cleanse the intestines without attacking them. This is the case with cucumber, a diuretic which is moreover, and apple. Ginger and lemon promote the secretion of bile, thus facilitating digestion and cleaning the liver “, specifies Sophie Ortega.
What to put in your blender? Half a cucumber, a green apple, the juice of a lemon, a small slice of ginger.

The yellow smoothie to recover after sport

After sweating blood and water at your cycling class or during your 30-minute daily run, the most important thing is to rehydrate to compensate for the loss of water through perspiration, and to fill up on carbohydrates, expended by the muscles. during exertion. “The banana provides slow sugars, the avocado nourishes with omega 3, the grapefruit provides vitamin C, the nuts provide magnesium and omega 3”, indicates the nutritionist.
What to put in your blender? A banana, an avocado, a grapefruit and four walnut kernels.

The green smoothie so you don’t snack before dinner

Ultimate solution to avoid (poorly) restocking at the distributor of the third during a small craving, the smoothie must satiate healthily. “For an appetite suppressant effect, it is necessary to “fill” the stomach with a lot of food, while remaining on a light recipe. We favor the fibers, present in spinach for example, and the proteins of soy or dairy milk. oats, both very effective on satiety”, advises the professional.
What to put in your blender? An apple, two handfuls of baby spinach, four basil leaves, a kiwi and 15 cl of soy or oat milk.
Good to know : soy and oat milks are the highest in protein.

The brown smoothie to stay awake

It’s ideal when you need to improve your concentration in the afternoon or stay awake for work after dinner. “You can slip in a long espresso for a slight stimulating effect while guaranteeing sleep afterwards. The chocolate provides theobromine, a weaker stimulant than caffeine, and magnesium. The banana provides slow sugars and therefore energy. energy. The recipe prolongs the effort of intellectual concentration”, informs Sophie Ortega.
What to put in your blender? A banana, a chocolate yogurt, a long espresso coffee, two tablespoons of chocolate powder, 10 cl of milk.
Good to know : cow’s milk can be replaced by rice milk.

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