Athletes, don’t neglect superfoods!

To improve the performance of athletes, we often talk about products such as proteins, creatine or protein bars, but superfoods are often forgotten.

However, it is a 100% natural and healthy choice since they are endowed with a high nutritional value.

To preserve your shape and improve your physical performance, superfoods are indeed perfectly suited to athletes.

Physical activity in general, and combat sports in particular, are of great intensity and involve a real commitment of physical abilities.

The training pace is high and requires an appropriate diet to provide the body with sufficient resources.

To meet these needs, superfoods are among the foods that also particularly optimize physical recovery, but also boost energy and improve endurance.

What is a superfood?

Superfoods are not new: their nutritional and medicinal properties have been recognized for millennia.

However, their virtues are sometimes unsuspected, especially among athletes who still too often neglect them.

A superfood is a food in its natural form: berry, dried, mixed in liquid, powdered or in the form of natural food supplements (capsule or tablet). It is consumed as is and is not always consumed for the sole purpose of filling certain deficiencies.

Superfoods are natural and therefore do not undergo any transformation or addition of nutrients of synthetic origin. Whether wild or cultivated, indigenous or exotic, they are obtained without chemical or genetic manipulation.

Very often, they are consumed for taste pleasure while providing the body with many benefits.

The list of the most popular superfoods

Superfoods are increasing in popularity, including berries, seeds, fruits and certain algae that are particularly beneficial for optimizing health.

Composed of a high quantity of nutrients, vitamins, fibres, antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, proteins and even trace elements, they are a real asset for people who consume them.


We find in the list of these superfoods chia or hemp seeds, rich in vegetable proteins and omega 3 and 6.

They have the ability to promote muscle recovery and are ideal to consume after intense physical effort.

Berries and fruits

Some of these superfoods have antioxidant properties such as goji berries which can act on the body, acai berries which improve the beauty of the skin and the functioning of the brain. They are mainly composed of vitamins and antioxidants.

The seaweeds

Spirulina, klamath and chlorella improve endurance and allow athletes to be more resistant to effort and more enduring.

Excellent sources of protein, they also help post-workout recovery thanks to the iron and chlorophyll they contain, which helps oxygenate the muscles.


Guarana has the effect of fighting against drowsiness in those who consume it. It would also be effective in improving concentration!

Therefore, guarana is a natural stimulant and a real energy booster that improves motivation, energy and performance during training or competition.

Its stimulating effect makes it a real asset for athletes.

This seed also helps support the immune system and improves well-being by fighting against stress and increasing tone.

plants and roots

Maca reduces fatigue during exercise and reduces pain.

This superfood helps to gain concentration and contributes to good nervous balance.

It is also used against sleep disorders and lack of energy.

Fenugreek, rich in proteins and minerals, is an excellent natural anabolic, which makes it a product particularly used by people practicing combat sports.

It helps balance blood sugar, cholesterol and regulates hormones.

Ginseng strengthens the body while reducing mental fatigue. It allows athletes to increase physical performance and endurance.

So many nutritionally rich superfoods that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

The benefits to the body and mind of these different plants are numerous, considerable and above all perfectly suited to athletes! We can also mention among ashwagandha, eleutherococcus or even rhodiola.

Something to give a natural boost to your well-being and vitality!

How to consume superfoods?

Superfoods also have the advantage of being easily consumed on a daily basis while preserving their nutritional qualities, the most classic form being the smoothie.

Moringa, baobab powder, acai, goji berries or even chia seeds will be good additions to make your smoothies more delicious, healthy, creamy and varied.

It is also possible to consume superfoods in juices.

Already ready or created by you, the juices can be supplemented with superfoods and their benefits.

Some of these superfoods can simply be diluted in water.

Superfoods are also found at breakfast since they fit easily into the bowl of muesli or granola.

You can combine seeds, especially chia seeds, or maca, as well as acai, which will give you the energy you need to start the day.

Easy to integrate into pastries, you can make cakes and cookies with goji berries, chia seeds or even make preparations with baobab powder.

You can also easily incorporate superfoods into your dishes with spices and condiments such as turmeric or cinnamon.

It will also be possible to consume food supplements in the form of capsules, capsules or powders, such as those from Natura Force.

In all these forms, it will be easy and beneficial to adopt superfoods in your diet to improve your performance!

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