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Anyone who spends time in the kitchen can agree: good pots and pans make all the difference. Whether you’re whipping up some scrambled eggs for breakfast or reducing balsamic for a healthy weeknight dinner, nothing can make or break your cooking experience quite like the cookware you are using. You may be a stainless steel fan, or maybe a die-hard cast iron lover, but no matter what you’re cooking up, there is no more enjoyable pan than a nonstick. These days, with so many non-toxic options we don’t have to worry about sacrificing health for ease. And with so many different sets out there, let’s be honest: it’s hard to choose! So we’ve rounded up some of the best nonstick cookware sets out there for you. Psst…some of them are even on sale!

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GreenPan Chatham 12-pc. Set

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Picture: GreenPan.
Courtesy of GreenPan.

It could be argued that GreenPan began the safe nonstick revolution back in 2007, changing the way we thought about cooking and eating by showing us that ceramic coating could not only be much safer for the human body, but also did the job just as well as the plastics used in “traditional” nonstick cookware.

While these innovators have tons of sets to choose from, this 12-piece Chatham Set is one of their best-selling options. A true powerhouse, the set is constructed with an aluminum core pressed between stainless steel, and is compatible with all cooktops – it’s even broiler-safe. Plus, the 3-ply construction compounded with GreenPan’s trademark chemical-free surface ensures they will distribute heat quickly and effectively no matter if you’re making fried rice or grilled cheese. GreenPan has labeled these pans as “metal-utensil safe,” and although we never recommend metal utensils on any nonstick surface, this is a true testament to the set’s diamond-infused Thermolon surface.

Made In The Nonstick Set

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Picture: Made In.
Courtesy of Made In.

This family-owned cookware brand has set itself apart not only in partnering with world-famous chefs to create restaurant-quality pots and pans, but in working directly with raw-material providers to craft their cookware with the very best materials at the lowest possible price. So much like Made In‘s stainless clad gold carbon steeltheir nonstick line is meant to last and to perform above all other cookware in your kitchen. Their seven-piece set is complete with a fry pan, saucepan, saute pan, and stockpot as well as corresponding tops. The 5-ply stainless steel pieces are coated with two layers of PFOA-free, PTFE coating that transfers heat evenly and consistently, so no matter if you are frying up some eggs or searing some salmonyour food will slide out of the pan with ease.

Caraway Cookware Set

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Picture: Caraway.
Courtesy of Caraway.

You may have seen this stunning Caraway cookware set flooding your instagram feeds, we certainly have and we’re not mad about it! With dreamy colorways like Marigold and Wise, these sleek, colorful pans will add a pop of fun to any kitchen. All aesthetics aside however, this set makes cooking luxurious all thanks to its gray ceramic coating. Non-toxic and with heavy-duty stainless steel handles, this set of aluminum pans comes along with a very exciting accompaniment: a storage system. The magnetic rack ensures that this four-piece set is stored securely and is always tidy. Plus, the canvas lid holder makes extra cabinet space by hanging the stacked lids alongside the cabinet door. If all that isn’t incentive enough, for a limited time, the set is $100 off, so hurry, these easy-cook, easy-clean pots and pans won’t be on sale forever!

Calphalon Space Saving Hard-Anodized Nonstick 9-Pc. Cookware Set

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Image: Calphalon.
Courtesy of Calphalon.

This best selling stackable set from Calphalon allows 6-essential pieces of cookware to fit in the same space that two individual pots take up. The hard anodized aluminum material used for construction is specially designed to resist corrosion or warping and is covered with two layers of nonstick coating for effortless meal-making. Ergonomic handles with a comfortable silicone grip make for enjoyable and safe cooking for chefs at any level. So whether you are cooking with your little one or with your expert chef in-laws, you’ll be in good hands. Plus, the clean-up is a breeze: once you’re done cheffing it up, pop them in the dishwasher, and voila! Complete with tempered glass lids, the two fry pans, chef’s pan, saucepan, saute pan, and dutch oven, save 30% of your cabinet space. When pans make cooking, cleaning, and storing this easy, the only question left is: what’s holding you back?.

Select by Calphalon™ Space-Saving Hard-Anodized Nonstick 9-Piece Cookware Set


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All-Clad 10-pc. Anodized Cookware Set

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Image: All-Clad.
Courtesy of All-Clad.

If you’re going to invest in nonstick cookware, you might as well replace all your old pots and pans in one go. This 10-piece Anodized Aluminum Set from All Clad is bound to last you a lifetime. Complete with two fry pans, one saucepan, one saute pan, a stockpot (with a multi-functional insert), a super versatile square pan, and two silicone trivets to boot, what more could you ask for? All-Clad is a fan-favorite for a reason, its cookware lasts a lifetime: durable and highly functional, these pots and pans are no exception. Their lightweight aluminum core is coated with three layers of PFOA-free nonstick coating that’s oven-safe in up to 500 degrees. Designed to be nested with minimal scratching, whether you’re cooking up a storm or storing this set away neatly in the cupboard, your kitchen will thank you. Oh, and did we mention it’s almost 30 percent off right now?

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