Best portable hobs

The use of portable hobs is often reduced to student rooms and indeed, they are very practical for kitchens that are too small. But these plates can also be used during trips, picnics or events of all kinds. Inexpensive, economical, practical, easy to clean and store, the portable hob is a kitchen appliance to have at home, is it still necessary to choose it well! Type of plates, power, ergonomics… With our advice, you will find the best portable hob adapted to your needs.

Why buy a portable hob?

Having a portable hob solves many problems, the biggest being the lack of space. The size and lightness of portable hobs allow them to be stored easily. It is an ideal solution for small apartments.

This type of plate also reveals its usefulness when traveling. Again, its size and light weight allow it to be taken where needed. It will be ideal if you go camping for example, just make sure you have a power source close to you.

Choosing the right type of hob

Before’buy a portable hobyou have to know what criteria to take into account to choose it well.

There are three types of plates:

Portable electric hobs which are found most often. It is composed of a cast iron hearth housing an electrical resistance. Choosing this type of product has several advantages. First, its use is very simple since you just have to turn a button to adjust the heat and that’s it. Then, it fears nothing, so you can take it everywhere, cast iron resists everything. Finally, this model is the cheapest to buy.

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Portable induction hobs : latest arrivals on the market, induction hobs are the most modern of cooking technologies. Induction has many advantages. First, safety because only the container heats up while the rest of the table stays cold. Then, the speed since the rise in temperature is almost instantaneous. You will thus save energy since everything takes less time to cook. Finally, the induction hob allows very precise cooking. Indeed, some well-stocked models offer several options such as “simmering” to keep a dish warm without cooking it further. Only drawbacks: its higher purchase price and the induction hob only works with suitable pans, so you will have to provide new pans.

The portable ceramic hobs : when the appliance is plugged in, radiant or halogen tubes begin to heat up under the glass plate on which the stoves are placed. Preceding induction cooking, the ceramic hob is less expensive than the latter but does not have the same heating quality. There are two types of glass-ceramic hobs: radiant hotplates and halogen hotplates. Preferably choose halogen fireplaces. Unlike the electric hob, the glass-ceramic model heats up much faster. And unlike the induction hob, it works with all containers. So it’s a good compromise.

The power of the hob

Power varies by model. To avoid having to wait too long for the food to cook, opt for a plate approaching 1,500 Watts for a single hearth and 2,500 Watts for a double hearth.

How many cooking zones on my hob?

Who says portable hob, says practicality, both in handling and in storage. The model you choose must therefore be ergonomic. The first question to ask is: one or two fireplaces? For this you need to determine if you have enough space. The advantage of a single fireplace is obviously the enormous space saving. Lightweight, the device can easily slip into any closet once it has completed its mission. But choosing a two-burner model certainly allows you to cook several things at the same time, which is just as practical. Either way, make sure it’s lightweight if you need to store it.

The top 5 best portable hobs

You now know everything about the different portable hobs, it’s up to you to choose which one suits you best!

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