Beware of this cooking ingredient which can be very dangerous for your health!

After candies and sausages, cheeses are now subject to a product recall. Here are the details.

Product recall cases are not uncommon for this year 2022. Items considered harmful to health must indeed be removed from store shelves.

Such is the case for the goat logs. Sold in many French supermarkets and appreciated by many consumers, they can be a health hazard.

A product recall on goat logs

We are witnessing many cases of product recalls lately. Moving from sausages to sweets, we now come to the snacks. Indeed, the logs of goats are those concerned by this appeal. Their consumption is therefore not recommended in order to prevent health hazards. The site responsible for this product recall has given more information on this issue.

According to the Conso Recall, many batches must be withdrawn from the market. So while these delights already have a place in your fridge, you have to be extra careful. Product recall object snacks may cause health problems. Take for example indigestion which is one of the most common symptoms. It should also be noted that the snacks concerned have respectively a sheet detailing the batch number, the date of marketing, the name of the product, etc.

Similarly, if you don’t have one at home yet, be careful when shopping. The professionals say it: do not buy these logs of goats. At least until the product recall is lifted. Consumers who have already purchased them could, however, benefit from a repayment until October 10, 2022.

We should also remember that these goat’s cheese logs exist in many supermarkets French. Stores must therefore remove these product recall items from their shelves. In addition, this alternative has been in place since last Friday, September 9. So check if you already have some at home to avoid any risk.

Which product batches and brands are affected?

As part of the product recall of goat logs, various brands French are concerned. These include Les Croisés, Monoprix, Pâturage, Chêne d’Argent, Carrefour, Franprix, Leader Price, President and Casino. Obviously, many batches of the product are to be removed from the store’s shelves.

For the bûche U brand, pasteurized goat cheeses from Sainte-Maure, 200 g, are the subject of a product recall. Their barcode is 3256224310525 and their expiration date is October 15. For the Carrefour store, it is the 180 g goat’s cheese logs in the kitchen that must be withdrawn from the market. The barcodes being 3184830061350 and: 3560071093716. The deadline is set for October 13.

Regarding the President brand, many batches are the subject of product recalls. These include the 180 g fondant logs; 250 g and those over 250 g. Their expiry date is in October 2022. Their barcode being 4056489554806. In addition, there are also fondant logs with barcodes of 3228023080015 and 3228023180036. As for the Monoprix product, these are the Sainte Maure of 200gr and 300gr . Finally, the Sainte Maure 200gr Franprix must also be withdrawn from the market.

As for Leader Price supermarkets, the product recall concerns the 200g Sainte Maure. Their minimum durability is until October 25 and the barcode is 3263859371319. For Leclerc, these are the 300g Sainte Maure les Croisés. Their barcodes are 3564700606865 and 3564700562406. The validity date dates back to October 14. The government site, recall conso, gives more details about these products.

The causes of the product recall

For a short time, the government site has been alerting the French to the recall of goat logs. Many batches and brands are affected. Remember that these products can be dangerous to health. Indeed, these snacks could contain foreign bodies. This can be metallic materials, glasses, textiles or plastics.

The reason for the product recall is therefore a preventive measure for the presence of foreign bodies in goat logs. Note that these foreign bodies can cause indigestion, internal injuries or other undesirable effects. Consumers are thus invited to avoid the purchase and consumption of the products in question. For those who have it at home, they can return it to the store or destroy the snacks.

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