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A very hot cup in your hands, the sweetness of a pastry that coats the palate, the gaze that lovingly observes the rain outside… This is how the magic of a tea party in Bordeaux manifests itself. And to appreciate this snack all the more, we scoured the streets of Bordeaux to unearth “THE” cafés, chocolate bars, coffee shops and tea rooms where to take refuge at snack time. Go on !

by Anne-Sophie Gaigeard

published on November 09, 2021

modified on November 15, 2021

Café 750: the intimate & fusion snack

Discreetly housed at the corner of Cours Alsace Lorraine, behind soft curtains, hides a new culinary nugget not to be missed at snack time. The former Label Terre has given way to a temple of pastries, and not the most banal. We crunch and devour here Franco-Korean fusion recipeslike theirresistible hotteok, Lemon found cake, Korean granola, Basque cheesecake or green tea cake. Its sweets are accompanied by exotic Korean flower teas such as acacia, cherry blossom, marigold, chrysanthemum and ginger tea. They are eaten in a intimate, flowery and warm universe. Ideal for a coffee with friends or for a date.

Coffee 750
2 Courts of Alsace and Lorraine, Bordeaux
From Tuesday to Sunday

Pastry Cafe 750 Coffee 750 Bordeaux

Off Studio Bordeaux: the holistic afternoon tea

Solar and complete parenthesisthis new cocoon basins afloat deliciously combines under one roof, café, high-end pilates classes, yoga, cardio-boxing but also osteopathy practice, sophrology and coaching workshops. All in one luminous case with trendy decor. Comfortably seated along the bay windowwe sip the specialty coffee of theAlchemistof the organic sodas made in Bordeauxliving artisanal kombucha, organic lattes with vegetable milk option. We marry them with white chocolate pistachio cookiesof the maple syrup cakes or evencreamy banana bread. The perfect address to put your brain in “Off” mode.

Off Studio Bordeaux
73 rue Lucien Faure, Bordeaux
From Tuesday to Friday

Off Studio yoga cafe Off-Studio

Octavie’s by Najat: the royal tea party

The door at nr 24 takes us into the salons of the palace (Gallien) of Queen Marie Antoinette. Here reigns afternoon tea and brunch on weekdays. Tapestries decorated with a thousand flowers, gilding and elegant furniture attack our pupils. Our taste buds swoon over the irresistible Najat pastries.

You can taste dishes with accents from elsewhere such as the Miss Fleur d’oranger, delicious gazelle horn with almond powder, orange blossom water and cinnamona gourmet creation called Casse-Noisette, Breton shortbread whose heart flows with salted butter caramel, chocolate, gianduja and caramelized hazelnuts. There are also sweet and savory dishes like the famous pastilla. These sweets come with teas and rooibos from Maison Nina’s Marie Antoinette. A very tasty snack.

Octavie’s by Najat
24 Rue du Palais Gallien, Bordeaux
From Tuesday to Saturday

Bordeaux afternoon tea coffee Octavie’s by Najat

Jorlia: The shopping snack

A flowered terrace, a shop window, jewelry and items for sale upstairs, carefully selected pieces to try in the basementcosmetics, groceries, an attractive counter and a few tables… Welcome to the first Amsterdam-style concept store in Bordeaux. True Coffee shop in the shop, Julia the landlady, is keen to rub shoulders in her cocoon with everything that can be bought, eaten and pleased. We come here for a drink dirty chai, a matcha latte with rose and devour a chocolate peanut butter brownie or the tiger chocolate cake. A two in one you will love.

16 Rue des Remparts, Bordeaux
From Tuesday to Saturday

Jorlia Tasting shop Bordeaux Jorlia concept store

Café Joyeux Bordeaux: the sweet solidarity snack

Of crunchy browniesofcreamy cookies accompanied by a voucher specialty coffeeall on one nice terrace of rue Sainte Colombe, here is the simple recipe for a successful snack. Add to this a lovely vegetal and colorful decoration, all you have to do is settle in. But that’s not all. Here, the cafes are served with the heartthat is to say that this café-restaurant with huge bay windows is the first solidarity café in Bordeaux where the waiters have mental and cognitive disabilities. By making the handicap visible, it contributes to the meeting and inclusion of people far from employment. Having a coffee here also means contributing to the development of these kinds of initiatives since they have created their own specialty coffee in beans, capsules and ground whose all profits directly finance the opening of future establishments. When are we going there?

Happy Coffee
31 Rue Sainte-Colombe
Tuesday-Wednesday 9am-8pm / Thursday-Saturday 10am-10pm

Happy Handicap Cafe Bordeaux Happy Coffee © Guillaume de Tapol

The Snack: the pancake snack

If the name is a tribute to gargantuan snacks prepared for them by their grandmother, the place is none other than the pancake temple in Bordeaux. You will have understood it, here the thick pancakes are queens. And in addition to the brunch served every day, you can devour the divine snacks of well-behaved children. We will challenge ourselves in front of the round of pancakes that we coat in love with homemade spread, heather honey, homemade salted butter caramel, sprinkled with almonds, chocolate shavings and other sweets. We will also devour the banana pancakes thinking of Lio and will draw a beautiful mustache with the coco coco. We promise, we’ll be wise.

The snack
5 Rue de Guienne, Bordeaux
From Saturday (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) to Tuesday (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) / Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
17 Rue Fondaudege, Bordeaux
Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (6 p.m. Wednesday) / Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. / Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Burgundy Pancakes © The Snack Bordeaux

Chocolaterie Tea Room by Lalère

In the Lalère family, we ask for the youngest. Discreetly nestled at the corner of rue Bouffard, the young chocolatier stole its new premises from the authentic silversmith. She herself had replaced the illustrious Maison “A la Chaine d’or”, founded in 1880 and whose dial still adorns the window today. Going from silver chocolate pots to content, it is quite natural that we enter a sober and chocolate atmosphere. If the historical stained glass have been kept, it is to better define the contours of the intimate tea room space separated from the shop part. Sure of soft emerald velvet armchairswe taste here 7 types of hot chocolatefrom classic to chocolate trio Passing by Viennesethe almond milk gourmet and mocha. This drinking chocolate is accompanied by sweets such as madeleines, cookies or brownies top level. Hot, hot, cocoa!

Chocolaterie Tea Room by Lalère
19 rue Bouffard, Bordeaux

Bordeaux chocolate bar snack © @annesophiegd

Where to have a good afternoon tea in Bordeaux © Tetiana Bykovets

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