30 Salads You Need To Jazz Up Any Dinner

Few dishes are as versatile as the salad — because a salad comprising potatoes or lentils or noodles counts too. Whether you want lightning-fast options that require a little slicing and shaking, like a refreshing mint-melon number, or something fully loaded (think tuna Nicoise or fattoush with extra halloumi), these recipes offer variously leafy, juicy, … Read more

Make salmon restoration a policy and budget priority

If we want to solve the challenges that are sitting right before us, we sometimes need to act with a vision that looks much farther down the road. We need to make generational commitments. Washington state continues to face one of the most significant crises of our lifetimes in the degradation of Pacific Northwest salmon. … Read more

BJP leader P Harish Babu- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service ADILABAD: BJP leader P Harish Babu has accused Sirpur MLA Koneru Konappa of his involvement in the missing of Rs 3 crore worth of Public Distribution Scheme (PDS) rice from the Asifabad mandal level stock (MLS) point in Kumurambheem-Asifabad district. Recently, vigilance officials from Hyderabad, in their routine inspection, found that … Read more

Eligible people, available vaccines… What you need to know about the new recall campaign

A new reminder. This Monday, the vaccine recall campaign against Covid-19 begins, against a backdrop of the start of the eighth wave. But after almost three years of coronavirus and soon two years of anti-Covid vaccination, this new phase has an unprecedented advantage. While the pandemic has seen more than a dozen variants and Omicron, … Read more

4 pasta recipes that help you lose weight

Pasta is very present on the menu of the French. Seven out of 10 admit to eating it at least once a week. It is estimated that the national average consumption is 8.3 kg per year and per inhabitant. “Sources of fibersof magnesiumof phosphorus and vitamin B among others, pasta, in general, and complete, in … Read more