Cyber ​​Dating in Occitanie 2022. In the event of a crisis, “people first”

Cybersecurity, a dry and technical subject? The speakers of the eighth edition of the RCO did everything to prove the opposite, by highlighting in particular during their discussions, the impact of cyberattacks on women and men. “Trauma”: this word came up many times. By attacking their daily work tool, cybercriminals indeed plunge employees into “fear”, “guilt”, “uncertainty”.

For Colonel Jean-Christophe Torrisi, director of risk strategy and international relations at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Ministry of the Interior, it is moreover “the human dimension that we must always try to preserve first in the event of a cyber crisis”. “Including when it comes to negotiating with pirates who also have very human concerns,” adds Frédéric Rogé, crisis negotiator, president of Incertis Strategy and former director of the GIGN negotiation unit. “The goal is to regain control of the pressure they are trying to impose on you. »

But to manage this type of event, it is still necessary to remain pragmatic: “The crisis is an extraordinary event, where we are above ground. The employees who are responsible for dealing with it must be freed from material contingencies and all other worries (cooking, managing the administration, etc.) so that they can concentrate on their task”, considers Stéphanie Buscayret, chief information security officer of the Latécoére group. Martine Giralt, head of Cert-IST activities [1] at Thales, abounds in its direction. For her, it is even necessary “to ensure that the problems of the personal life of employees (childcare, sick relatives, etc.) do not pollute their minds while managing the crisis”.

“Trust” in its employees to overcome the crisis


Alexandre Marguerite, of the company Devensys Cybersecurity, had cited a little earlier in the morning the example of a group which had chartered taxis for its employees in order to prevent them from taking the road “too exhausted” by a situation which “stressed them too mentally”. Another word is repeated over and over again: “trust”. Business leaders should not add pressure to an already delicate situation. “Sometimes you have to agree not to go into the crisis unit to let your employees act”, explains Stéphanie Buscayret, from Latécoère.

For all, management is done through training and anticipation. “We must prepare the teams for cyber exercises as we prepare them for fire alerts” adds Frédéric Rogé. For Marc Sztulman, regional councilor for Occitanie, in charge of digital, preparation is therefore the key. “Moses did not wait for the flood to build his boat. All things considered, cybersecurity is the same”.

But we can keep hope, the sense of the collective seems in any case to animate the young generation. The ethical hacker Baptiste Robert, founder of (Predicta Lab), had launched a hacking competition open to all within the RCOs. He praised the fact that the youngest of the participants “spontaneously worked together” to solve the riddle given earlier in the day more quickly. It was Tom Rorato, a young student from Epitech, on a work-study program at Berger Levrault, who found the solution, “thanks to teamwork”, recognizes Baptiste Robert. Finally, we will remember the many quotes from great figures, particularly literary figures (Shakespeare, Camus, Talleyrand, etc.) who punctuated the exchanges during the RCOs. Demonstrating that we can also consider cybersecurity as a human science.

Matthias Hardoy

On the photos :

Above, from left to right: Martine Giralt, head of Cert-IST activities at Thales, Stéphanie Buscayret, chief information security officer at Latécoére Group and Frédéric Rogé, crisis negotiator at Incertis Strategy during the morning plenary round table.

In the middle: the RCOs mobilized more than 1,200 people at the Diagora Labège congress centre.

Bottom: Baptiste Robert, founder of Predictalab, fully explaining the RCO Hacking space. Credit: Rémy Gabalda – ToulÉco.


[1] Computer emergency response team. A computer emergency response team or computer security incident response team is an alert and response center for computer attacks.

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