Discover the perfect breakfast to lose weight and regain the line this spring

Sunny days are back ! After winter and the usual weight gain, you will have to think about your summer body for the next vacation. It’s time to get back to good habits. But, where do we start? Quite simply, by the first meal of the day which is essential. Indeed, to lose weight, we do not skip breakfast. We tell you everything to make it healthy like never before!

Lose weight: an ideal breakfast to prepare you for sunny days!

Breakfast is an important meal, if not the most important of the whole day. One thing is certain, it is even more essential when it comes to losing weight and shedding excess pounds. With the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to do a little detox, but above all to get back to good habits by concocting a good morning meal. Discover in this article, all the tips and ideas to make your breakfast simply flawless.

Do not miss breakfast to lose weight

No meal is to be neglected in a day. Indeed, each has its function and has things to offer you. You still need to know how to compose them and which foods to choose! Indeed, to fill up with vitamins, nutrients or minerals, certain rules must be respected. First of all, we do not neglect breakfast. We don’t eat on the go, cakes, a coffee and let’s go for the day! It is not removed either, because otherwise you risk having cravings in the middle of the morning or rushing for food at noon. No, we really sit at the table to spend a serene and nutritious moment. The best way to start the day well. But, what should you prepare for breakfast to lose weight? Here are all the tips to make it healthy!

All about the ideal breakfast as part of a diet

Most people skip breakfast and tend not to eat enough. It’s a shame, because it’s very important. In reality, a full breakfast should consist of around 500 calories and correspond to a quarter of your recommended daily allowance. But to arrive at this figure, your first meal of the day must have well-selected foods. To lose weight, you will have to plan a minimum of preparation. Indeed, you must provide fiber and a dairy product. In addition, it is necessary to integrate a fresh fruit. Finally, hydration in the morning, after the night, is very important. So, we opt for a glass of water first as well as a coffee or a tea. Try to get into the habit of not putting sugar in your drinks and drinking them at the end of your breakfast.

What is the ideal breakfast to shed your excess pounds?

As you will have understood, to lose weight, you must have a balanced and complete breakfast. Nothing very complicated, just a bit of rigor and anticipation. Still running out of ideas? Do not panic, we offer you a composition for a perfect and healthy breakfast. For example, the English have a habit of eating eggs in the morning. Indeed, you can cook an omelette with a little grated cheese. In addition, do not hesitate to add a slice of wholemeal bread. On the other hand, we avoid white bread, and this, throughout the day. The latter is much sweeter. Then it’s time to eat a seasonal fruit. At this time, a clementine will be perfect. Finally, your cup of tea or coffee to end in style. So, to lose weight, you have to eat in the morning and provide useful foods for your health. Indeed, this breakfast is packed with vitamins and that’s what you need to start your day off right. You won’t have mid-morning sugar cravings and you won’t eat double rations at noon. Are you ready to start tomorrow? Good luck but above all good tasting!

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