Discovering Camille’s flowery pantry in Dorceau

Camille Condomine begins her second season at the head of her Garde ate fleur. ©Le Perche

Under his little greenhouse, Camille Condominium takes shelter from a light rain which quickly waters his garden. The days in the greenhouse, she knows. In 2021, she launched her small business, selling vegetable, aromatic and flowering plants. Millie’s flowery pantry makes its way around Dorceau and in the canton of Rémalard (Orne).

“I’m competing with the big brands,” laughs Camille, in the middle of her playground. 350m² thought for a production without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

“I haven’t yet taken the steps to be organic, but it’s just like. »

In 2022, the 32-year-old young woman wanted to see bigger. No more 5 m² of greenhouse where she moved her plants every hour or so depending on the sunshine. She now has a large greenhouse for more comfort and above all to diversify her plants.

In his nursery, there are plants of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, peppers, small weights, beans and other cucumbers or pumpkins. In short, enough to prepare for a great vegetable season in the garden.

Camille offers plants of vegetables or aromatic herbs in particular.
It offers vegetable plants and other herbs. ©Le Perche

cut flowers

Outside, pretty tulips now rub shoulders with anemones, sweet peas and buttercups. I wanted to get into cut flowers this year. For weddings or markets, I offer them in bunches or bouquets, “says the young woman. The flowers can also be dried for interior decoration or for flower crowns. A diversification through flowers which brings a little color to the garden, but which is above all thought out in an ecological logic.

“I planted some vegetables for my personal consumption, and the flowers are important for pollination and therefore for the biodiversity of this small patch of land. »

The small nursery has expanded with a larger greenhouse.
The nursery has expanded with a larger greenhouse. ©Le Perche

A good way, too, to offer products during the off-season, before spring and the return to the gardens. With this enlargement I don’t have time to get bored. There are so many possibilities to do things between sowing, cuttings, weeding, installing nets to protect from the cold…”

New Horizons

If the year promises to be quite crucial for Camille, who wants to reap the fruits of her development, she has more important projects in mind.

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“I’m looking for a little bigger ground to develop myself further and why not have associates. Having discussions, sharing, is important. Why not with an educational project where people can learn the basics of the garden. »

This year, she grew flowers like tulips.
Camille sells at her nursery or in the markets. ©Le Perche

A social component that is close to his heart and encourages him to open, by appointment, his nursery for a few guided tours. In the meantime, she is preparing for the big season by continuing to talk to her plants. I say goodbye to them at the end of each day. After all, they are living beings, they must be pampered. ”

A former fashion designer

Far from her square of land in Perche, Camille has long been a stylist/graphic designer in the world of fashion. A life in the Paris region where she sought her place for a long time before leaving to find a second wind. It was when her mother moved to Perche, Dorceau, in 2019 that she decided to embark on a new project and exploit the small piece of land just in front of the house.

“I trained in a neighborhood nursery in Paris and by doing a little woofing before launching my pantry.” A radical change of life that Camille does not regret. “Today I do things that really make sense and I master all aspects of production so that it sticks to my values. It makes more sense to me.”

Camille Condomine is present every week at the markets of Bellême, Boissy-Maugis as well as that of Mauves-sur-Huisne (3rd Friday of each month) and Saint-Jouin-de-Blavou (1st Saturday of each month from June). Contact : [email protected] or on Instagram @legardemangerfleuri.

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