Discovering the miracle detox drink recipe that is a hit on Tiktok

If the idea of ​​leading a balanced life is today erected in worship, it is because in the era of fast food and sedentary lifestyle, being healthy is more difficult than ever. Social networks are full of slimming diets, weight loss tips and detox drinks, but are they always effective? It is necessary to approach them with a good dose of mistrust! Today, we present to you the latest detox drink recipe that is a hit on Tiktok. What is it about ? Is it miraculous? And how to take advantage of it? Find out in the following lines!

The newest detox drink that’s all the rage

The recipe that has earned the reputation of “miraculous”, actually consists of only 3 simple ingredients. To make it, just add two spoons of chia seeds and the juice of half a lemon to about 180 ml of water. Stir, let the seeds swell for 5 to 10 minutes and enjoy. According to people who have already accepted the challenge, the drink works pretty fast and will soon send you down the toilet. Her name – internal showk drink (Where internal shower) says a lot about its detoxifying properties. The idea behind it is to cleanse the liver and intestines and combat constipation problems and bloating. The trend was born on the account of the nutritionist of Hollywood celebrities – Daryl Gioffre – and quickly caused a sensation with several million subscribers – guinea pigs who have already tried the detox cure.

The origins of the internal shower

What are the benefits of chia drink?

There is no doubt that the drink in question can help intestinal transit and improve digestion, but how do the different ingredients contribute to this result? In fact, the most important thing is to say that each of the three ingredients that make up the drink has its own digestive benefits. We tell you more about it in the following lines.

A drink where each of the ingredients is beneficial

effective detox drink recipe with lemon chia seeds and water

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are the real star and therefore, the main ingredient of the internal douche. In his video, Daryl Gioffre summarizes their many benefits. On the one hand, there is their content of omega-3 acids which would have an anti-inflammatory effect on the intestines. On the other hand, the richness of soluble fibers (9.75 g for 2 tablespoons) helps the absorption of liquids in dishes and inside the intestine. This contributes in particular to better transit and slowing down digestion. From there, the feeling of satiety, like a better regulation of bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Chia seeds – a superfood par excellence

sony dsc

lemon juice

Maybe you already know about the benefits of lemon juice, thanks to another popular detox drink, lemon juice on an empty stomach. Renowned antioxidant, lemon participates in the elimination of toxins and the degradation of limpids. Its properties are similar, moreover, to those of a probiotic which acts on the intestinal microbiome.

Lemon juice – an antioxidant that has no equal

benefits of lemon juice to make a simple detox drink

The water

Finally, it is useless to talk about the benefits of water on the human body, since 60% of our body is made up of it. A very important player in the detoxification process and in the metabolism, water is essential to evacuate toxins, whether through urine, sweat or excrement. The work of the intestines is also facilitated.

Water – essential for the evacuation of toxins

draining drink idea simple detox cure with basic foods

Does the drink help detoxify the liver?

If the drink could have multiple benefits on the body, it is not a miraculous remedy against diseases and digestive disorders. If you haven’t been drinking enough water or consuming enough vegetables during the day, you could make up the fiber deficit through drinking. However, doing it on a regular basis is not recommended! Before resorting to this method then, first make sure that your lifestyle habits are healthy enough. Make sure that your menu is rich in fiber, knowing that the recommended consumption is 30-40 g per day. However, do not hesitate to resort to this detox cure, when the need arises. Many people would use chia water sporadically, when they ate or drank a little too much the night before.

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Are there any dangers for the human body?

As we have already mentioned, excess fiber is not advised. Moreover, it is even able to harm the intestinal health. More concretely, you run the risk of producing the opposite effect – bloating and constipation. It is for this reason that special attention must be paid to the amount of fiber absorbed. Any external factor, altering the natural bowel movements, could damage the functioning of the intestinal system. This way of consuming chia seeds would also not be very suitable for some stomachs. Fortunately, there are plenty of famous superfood pudding and cake ideas that are just as beneficial and even more enjoyable to eat.

Chia seed pudding – a delicious drink alternative

what to do with chia seeds healthy chian seed pudding recipe



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