Easy ground beef recipe for nacho casserole is a weeknight winner

Ground beef is a much loved mealtime staple, and for good reason. It’s predictable, customizable, uniquely adaptable to internationally inspired cuisine and can be cooked up in a flash. A fixture on most grocery shopping lists, it’s affordable, readily available (which is important these days) and generally enjoyed by both young and old members of the family.

Once you get ground beef home, it’s easy to turn it into something for any occasion. A chameleon in the kitchen, it boasts an uncanny ability to present itself as a weeknight meal solution, fancy party appetizer or star in hearty grub for game day.

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So why do we often stare down at that package of ground meat with zero inspiration? Or find making ourselves the same dishes over and over?

Meatballs, burgers, and meatloaf are fabulous, but even these well-loved dishes can get tiresome after a while. It’s called a “rut” and I’m here to catapult you out of it.

Lean ground beef is a healthy weeknight cooking hero.

Ground beef recipe inspiration

Before we dive into my current favorite ground beef recipe, let’s talk about some of the other quick, easy, crowd-pleasing meals you can make on any busy night with just a pound of meat and a handful of pantry ingredients.

Start by thinking globally. Consider a Mexican-inspired dish like beef chili, tacos, enchiladas and burritos. Or Italian dishes like classic Bolognese sauce, Italian wedding soup, baked ziti, lasagna and stuffed shells. East Asian-inspired recipes could include Korean beef bowls, sweet and sour meatballs or spicy ramen. Even South Asian flavors can be added to ground beef for the likes of a curried beef stew made with warming spices. Old school Americana recipes that use ground beef also abound, from patty melts with caramelized onions to individual meatloaves baked in a muffin pan or beefy loaded baked potatoes.

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Get crazy and make your own combinations of the flavors and cuisines your family enjoys most.

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