Fat burners: the 15 champion foods to get rid of stubborn pounds

[MINCEUR] Do you feel that your jeans have become too tight? It’s time to compose your menus with these “fat-burning” foods to boost your metabolism and increase the burning of calories.

Foods “handpicked” for their ability to boost metabolism, increase the burning of calories at rest and during sport, direct the microbiota towards destocking work while providing the desire to move during the day: it’s That’s fat-burning foods.

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These foods can be:

  • Rich in proteinwhich help build muscle and suppress hunger
  • Rich in fiber that help limit the absorption of dietary fat and promote satiety
  • Low or moderate glycemic index to avoid food cravings and cravings
  • Rich in nutrients which push the body to fuel better: group B vitamins to transform calories into energy, iodine to boost the functioning of the thyroid, calcium, magnesium or even vitamin C…

What is a fat burning diet?

For equal calories, foods do not have the same metabolic fate in the body. Foods that boost the metabolism and burn calories are primarily foods that, due to their composition, require more effort from the body to be assimilated. And who says more energy expenditure, says more calories eliminated.

What if I have cravings?

If you regularly have cravings, it’s probably because you don’t eat enough during meals: consider increasing foods rich in animal protein (meat, fish, eggs, etc.) or vegetable protein (lentils, beans dry) but in lesser proportions because they also provide more carbohydrates.

In case of occasional cravings, the best solution is to eat a fruit whose glycemic load is low: apple, kiwi, orange, peach.

Source : The new fat-burning diet, Anne Dufour and Carole Garnier (ed. Leduc)

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Three stars also for cod, which is the least fatty fish. Its very high quality proteins facilitate the combustion of sugar and its iodine stimulates our thyroid gland, which prevents weight gain. But beware: it is eaten steamed or en papillote but not breaded!

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The cucumber
How not to give 3 stars also to the cucumber, which is the least caloric of vegetables… themselves the least caloric of food! Conversely, it is full of potassium, minerals, trace elements.

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According to an American study, grapefruit would be as effective as an anti-diabetes drug in lowering blood sugar. Its organic acids are good for glycemic and acid-base balance. And its good content of vitamin C + pigments + calcium + fibers make it a “2 star fat burning food”!

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Pineapple (fresh and raw) contains bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme that facilitates the digestion of proteins. It also contains vitamins B1 and B6, necessary for burning calories.

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3 stars again and again for this green vegetable rich in alphaliloic acid, an antioxidant that facilitates the burning of glucose by the body. And the more sugar we burn, the less we store! It is also a bomb of vitamins B6, B9 and calcium, an anti-fatigue trio that prevents weight gain.

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The apple is rich in pectin, a soluble fiber which traps part of the lipids in the stomach. The fats are therefore not assimilated by the body but directly eliminated. It also contains resistant starches which help control appetite and satiety.

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It has an honest intake of calcium, a key mineral for slimming. And it is made with ferments (probiotics) useful for our intestinal flora. But avoid flavored yogurts that are too high in calories… and in additives!

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To consume at least once a week because they are very rich in fibers and proteins, a combination appetite suppressant and satiating. The best is the green lentil but the others are also antioxidant bombs.

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The pepper
It is known for its richness in vitamin C but above all it is rich in fibers which limit the absorption of fats and in vitamin B6 which participates in the metabolism of fats and proteins.

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the lawyer
It is one of the only fruits that does not contain sugar: it helps to control blood sugar. Its flesh is essentially composed unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic acid (that of olive oil) which maintains an optimal level of “good” cholesterol. Note: it can replace butter on toast!

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red fruits
red fruits also have compounds that slow down the assimilation of certain fats and accelerate intestinal transit. Special mention to raspberry whose ketones slow down the absorption of fat.

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The kiwi
A single kiwi in a day can fill up with vitamin C, an antioxidant vitamin that participates in energy production processes and boosts metabolism.

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The vinegar
Its acetic acid aids digestion, helps regulate blood sugar levels and prevents the body from storing fat. To be consumed as a seasoning in salads or starters.

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Oat bran
It contains fibers that will trap some of the lipids. Oat bran promotes satiety by keeping insulin levels stable, which helps stave off food cravings and the fat storage that comes with it. To be eaten for breakfast or as a snack with fromage blanc.

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