Food waste: wine, milk, butter, grated cheese… these products that freeze despite popular belief

To prevent them from spoiling, many products can be frozen. Among them, some might surprise you.

Among the good things to do in this inflationary period to reduce food waste and better manage your food budget, freezing is one of the topics not to be overlooked.

As long as you consume frozen foods within the time limit and package them in suitable containers, you can save a lot of money, including with products that you don’t always suspect… Guaranteed safe for your health!

Some wine

Because we are never safe from an improvised aperitif, we sometimes have no other choice but to slip the bottle into the freezer to serve a very cold nectar. If Bacchus lovers know that it is a solution of last resort, this does not mean that the juice is forbidden from staying in the freezer. The British newspaper The Independent reveals the trick: make ice cubes with the bottom of a bottle of wine. Instead of throwing the aged liquid in the bottom of the sink, we recycle it to have a little wine on hand when needed in the kitchen. White wine in a risotto or red wine in a bolognese sauce, it is often necessary to add a little acidity to a recipe with a hint of Bacchus’ brew.

Egg white, and even whole eggs

The trick is signed Mercotte, the faithful sidekick of chef Cyril Lignac in the M6 ​​program “Le Meilleur pâtissier”. A specialist in macaroons, the reconverted pastry chef advises using aged egg whites to optimize the success of her macaroons. And you can totally freeze the material to dig into when you decide to start cooking the next day. A frozen egg white can be stored for up to ten months. If this trick is well known to pastry lovers, we know less that the egg can also be frozen. However, it is necessary to take a lot of precaution if you want to keep your eggs in this way, given the health risks. According to the Albal brand, all you have to do is beat the eggs into an omelet and pour them into a freezer bag. Be careful to note the date of refrigeration! Also, we do not try the experiment of placing a whole egg with its shell in the freezer at the risk of it exploding!

Of flour

In one of her videos, TikTokeuse Caroline Neat, who reserves all her posts for tips and tricks to simplify household chores, showcases everything in her freezer. And among the foods, you might be surprised to find flour! In the end, this is not surprising because it is a living food. In the dry, this essential for making cakes and béchamel loses its organoleptic qualities. Above all, storage in a closet can promote the proliferation of parasites or insects. It is not for nothing that the flour indicates an expiry date of optimal use. Beyond the time indicated, there may indeed be a contamination problem of this type. The best is to use it quickly. Alternatively, the flour can be poured into a freezer bag and placed in the freezer.

Butter, grated cheese and even milk!

The French dairy interprofession is formal: you can put your carton of milk in the freezer for six months as long as it is in its container. This concerns pasteurized or sterilized milk because whole milk can only be kept in this condition for two months. No surprise, the cold will cause fat to coagulate. You will therefore have no choice but to stir it properly before use. The best is to use it in cooking and baking. Same prescription for butter which can remain in its original packaging before being put in aluminum foil. You will have six months to use it. The interprofession advises instead to package the butter in small portions to avoid waste and facilitate its use. Even liquid cream can be kept in the freezer as long as you take the time to beat it beforehand. However, don’t imagine making a future whipped cream using a cream that has just been defrosted…

In the cheese department, freezing works especially for pressed cheeses: Cantal, Mimolette, Saint-Nectaire… Just slip them into a freezer bag and expel the air. You can also choose to grate it to dig into the freezer as you wish. For reasons of textures altered by the cold, it is better not to try the experiment with fresh cheese. Camembert and Époisses become mealy when placed in the freezer…

Choux pastry

Have you started making your first puffs? Cheer ! You’ve probably followed the proportions of a great chef’s recipe… and you end up with a mountain of raw dough! Do not panic, know that the preparation freezes very well. It’s just a matter of packing it in a freezer bag and pushing the air out. You will pass it in the refrigerator so that it thaws gently the day before the assembly of the next cabbages. Another trick is to train the cabbages and freeze them immediately, then peel them off and put them in a freezer bag.

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