Forsee Power obtains DNV certification for its Pulse 2.5 ‘marine’ battery

Forsee Power, the French expert in smart battery systems, now offers its DNV-certified high-power Pulse 2.5 battery for the marine sector. Widely recognized internationally, DNV certification guarantees product compliance.

The sometimes difficult weather conditions at sea require robust batteries, integrating solutions compatible with water, condensation and humidity. Thus, the guarantees in terms of design and safety required by the DNV classification society are very high. This approval allows players in the sector such as Forsee Power to have a guarantee as to the quality and reliability of their products installed on board ships.

In order to validate the certification tests including safety and environmental tests, Forsee Power made technical adaptations (LHD system, HVIL functionality), which the ‘road’ module did not include, to the new Pulse 2.5 ‘marine’ module.

A high-power 2.5 kWh slimline module for fast charging and hydrogen vessels, ideal for the maritime sector

Part of the high-power Pulse range, the Pulse 2.5 is a fast-charging, low-profile battery module for all-electric (100% battery or hydrogen) and hybrid heavy-duty vehicles and vessels. Its flat design allows it to fit easily into any electric vehicle space, even the smallest ones: floor, roof and rear.

With high power, the module offers a continuous 6C discharge current and a peak discharge current of 10C.

The pulse 2.5 ‘marine’ is also equipped with Toshiba LTO cells with a liquid cooling system that allows it to perform 15,000 cycles over more than 12 years.

The DNV-certified Pulse 2.5 module, a response to an environmental challenge in the maritime sector

Representing one of the main emitters of greenhouse gas emissions, maritime transport must reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030. With DNV certification, Forsee Power can support shipyards in the electrification of their equipment (100% electric or hybrid) by offering them a solution to reduce their polluting emissions.

The Nordic countries, for example, are among the markets that have made strong commitments to electrify their fleet in the face of the proliferation of their maritime projects. Norway has pledged to electrify 100% of its ferry fleet for public transport by 2025, or more than 200 ferries.

In Asia, Singapore has committed to reducing its emissions by 75% by 2040, by electrifying a large part of its port entry and exit operations and dockside equipment.

“The potential market is very promising globally; local initiatives and incentives multiplied before becoming the rule. On a ferry, there may be several MWh of batteries installed. There is therefore a great interest in satisfying these large volumes with products adapted to fast charging qui is the most widespread use. Without DNV certification, recognized in the marine world, it would be impossible for us to address these markets! explains Sébastien Rembauville-Nicolle, VP Business Development at Forsee Power.

The EU calls for efficient, fair and clean maritime transport. The Forsee Power R&D teams have thus ensured that the DNV-certified Pulse 2.5 ‘marine’ module can be integrated into numerous international marine projects.

About Forsee Power

Forsee Power is a French industrial group specializing in smart battery systems for sustainable electric transport (light vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, ships). A major player in Europe, Asia and North America, the Group designs, assembles and supplies some of the most robust cell-based energy management systems on the market and ensures the installation, commissioning and on-site or remote maintenance. Forsee Power also offers financing solutions (battery rental) and second life solutions for transport batteries. The Group achieved a turnover of €62 million in 2020 and has more than 500 employees.

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