Guide to Cooking in Dragonflight – World of Warcraft

The Kitchen is changing a lot in Dragonflight. WoW cooks can acquire new recipes as well as new ingredients. In addition, there are finishing components that allow you to increase the power of recipes. The profession interface has also been redesigned and it is possible to equip yourself with a tool and a kitchen utensil. Find below all the novelties of the Cuisine of the Dragon Islands!

1. Kitchen Updates for Dragonflight

The professions interface has been revamped for the expansion. Here are the most important elements:

  • You can sort recipes by extension. Thus, old recipes will no longer overload the interface. In 99% of cases, you will only display recipes from the Dragon Islands.
  • You can always search or filter by available components, recipes that can raise your cooking level, etc.
  • You can track down a recipe. It is now displayed at the location of the quests, which lets you know when you have the necessary components to craft it.
  • A “Production details” space is available in the interface. There you will find additional information and this is where you can add finishing components.
  • You can choose whether or not to use the highest quality of components.

1.1. Manufacturing and finishing components

By default, recipes give you a certain number of meals. However, this figure is given as an indication and may go down or up depending on your level of cuisine.

While cooking, you have a chance to learn new recipes.

Almost all recipes can receive two finishing components. In the case of the Kitchen, they can bring mainly two advantages:

  • A ingenuity bonus, a stat that increases your chance of using fewer ingredients for a recipe. It also works if you need a copy of three ingredients. If the ingenuity proc, you will use for example a two ingredients out of the three.
  • a crafting bonus which sometimes allows you to obtain an additional object.

1.2. Kitchen tools and utensils

The kitchen interface allows you to add a kitchen tool and a kitchen utensil. These are part of profession equipment, a feature that can provide bonuses when crafting items. For the kitchen, I don’t have an example to give you yet, but we can imagine a torch that would make it possible to no longer need a kitchen fire for example, or an object that brings +5 in the kitchen. Profession equipment can also be seen on your character.

More kitchen-specific info coming soon.

2. Dragonflight Cooking Recipes

2.1. Ingredients

These recipes can obviously bring you points when leveling the Kitchen of the Dragon Islands. But they are also finishing ingredients that you can add to certain recipes in order to increase production or give you a chance to reduce the number of ingredients needed for crafting.

  • Chocolate Fudge: This chocolate increases your multiple crafting by such an amount that it’s best not to eat it. Two days of cooldown.
  • Incredibly Sharp Kitchen Knife: Grants +15 Ingenuity to the recipe.
  • Side Salad: Grants +20 Multicraft to a dish.
  • Rock salt aggregate: Ingredient used in several recipes.
  • Assortment of exotic spices: Ingredient used in several recipes.

2.2. Snacks: For leveling

These are recipes that only restore health and sometimes mana. You will mostly use them to build your Kitchen, never as food since they have no buffs.

  • Breakfast of Dragon Champions: Restores 50000 health and 66666 mana over 20 sec.
  • Sweet and Sour Clam Chowder: Restores 50000 health and 66666 mana over 20 sec.
  • Probably Protein: Restores 48,675 health over 20 sec.
  • Duck with Cheese: Restores 48,675 health over 20 sec.
  • Mackerel Terrine: Restores 48,675 health over 20 sec.
  • Double Baked Potato: Restores 48675 health over 20 sec.

2.3. Refreshments: For swimmers

Something to recover mana. Poisonous Tea is clearly interesting since it allows you to swim faster and breathe underwater for 20 minutes. Perfect for exploring the seas!

  • Tasty Dragon Baden: Restores 62,500 mana over 20 sec.
  • Fishy Tea: Restores 62,500 mana over 20 sec. + Swim faster + Breathe underwater for 20 min.
  • Sparkling Water: Restores 62,500 mana over 20 sec.

2.4. Desserts: Cool Effects

These recipes are here for fun. The real effects are to be discovered đŸ˜‰

  • Snow cone: Yum!
  • Tasty Hatchling Treat: You bring a young whelp out of its hiding place by offering it a treat.
  • Festive Cake: You serve a delicious cake to celebrate a momentous occasion.
  • Creamy muffin: Yum…?

2.5. Meat dishes: Bonus to primary stats

All buffs last 1 hour and restore 46,875 health.

  • Braised bruffalon flank: +12 Endurance and +9 Strength.
  • Salted hash: +28 Stamina.
  • Mammoth Kabob with Three Spices: +12 Endurance and +6 Intelligence.
  • Healthy looking food: +22 Stamina.
  • Country picnic: +12 Stamina and +9 Agility.
  • Charred Buffalo Steaks: +12 Stamina and +6 Strength.
  • Roasted Duck Supreme: +12 Endurance and +9 Intelligence.
  • Scrambled Basilisk Eggs: +12 Stamina and +6 Agility.

2.6. Simple Fish Meals: Bonus to Secondary Stats

All buffs last 1 hour and restore 46,875 health.

  • Nets of fangs: +35 critical strike rating.
  • Timely Death: +35 haste.
  • Salt-Crusted Fish: +35 to proficiency.
  • Aquatic Moth Surprise: +35 Versatility.

2.7. Fish dishes: Double bonus to secondary stats

All buffs last 1 hour and restore 46,875 health.

  • Hot Seafood Assortment: +20 haste and mastery.
  • Fighting Fish Sticks: +20 haste and critical strike rating.
  • Thousand-Arrested Tongue Cutter: +20 critical strike rating and mastery.
  • Cold Vengeance: +20 critical strike rating and versatility.
  • Great Cerulean Sea: +20 to Mastery and Versatility.
  • Platter of seafood with spices: +20 haste and polvalence.

2.8. Great feasts

All buffs last 1 hour and restore 50,000 health and 66,666 mana. The effect is always the same, but the ingredients are different for each recipe. All recipes can take two finishing components, except Dragon Meal Mountain which can only take one.

  • Devotion of Gral: +35 to the highest secondary characteristic.
  • Mountain of dragon food: +35 to the highest secondary characteristic.
  • Hearty Yusa Stew: +35 to highest secondary stat.
  • Gral’s Reverence: +35 to highest secondary stat.
  • Gral’s Worship: +35 to highest secondary stat.

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