Here are the 5 tips to adopt to buy your fruits and vegetables cheaper this summer

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are popular. And more than ever during the summer since the summer heat encourages the consumption of fruit to cool off. Salads are also back and they too encourage the consumption of raw products. So, you might as well favor local, organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables. But readers ofObjeko know that eating well has a cost. And with the current inflation, it’s impossible to be fooled on the price of your weekly basket of fresh fruits and vegetables. So, how to reduce your bill without depriving yourself? How to pay for cheaper summer fruits and vegetables? Our colleagues from the application’s online magazine scullion have several relevant solutions to share with their readers. Solutions that the editorial staff also shares with you in the following lines.

Consume fresh fruits and vegetables in summer, without breaking the bank

There are so many summer fruits and vegetables! The heat and the sun are indeed successful for many candidates. On the side of vegetables have found artichokes, broccoli or zucchini. But also apple and oak leaf lettuce, asparagus, carrots and spinach. Onions are also in season with potatoes, eggplant, celery and fennel. You can also find small fresh weights at your market gardener as well as radishes, beets and cauliflower. With the month of June, broad beans, leeks, tomatoes and chard are also back. And finally, the list of summer vegetables ends with cucumbers, green beans and peppers.

As for fruits, real stars of the season, we find apricots, raspberries, blackcurrants and cherries. You will also have to count on strawberries, plums, blackberries and rhubarb. Without forgetting the melon, the star of summer dishes. But how can you resist all these delicious fruits and vegetables? Impossible, Objeko grant it to you. This is why it will be necessary to develop some tricks to lower the weekly bill for our shopping. Indeed, filling up on vitamins without breaking the bank is possible.

To succeed in this tour de force, our colleagues at scullion offer 4 effective techniques. And we will allow ourselves to add one to the list. The latter will limit our enthusiasm for shopping and prevent us from wasting these beautiful summer fruits and vegetables that often ripen too quickly.

Tips to lower the bill

There are several ways to make sure to limit the bill by buying seasonal fruits and vegetables. Indeed, these are tricks that are not to be applied only in summer. Although it is in this summer season that we are most fond of these gifts of nature, Objeko grant it to you. Note also that these 5 tips can be combined to further optimize your savings.

  • Shopping at the end of the market

By going to the market before it packs up, there won’t be much choice. However, you will find seasonal fruits and vegetables that market gardeners will try to get rid of. They will not hesitate to agree to negotiate, sometimes even to give away the last tomatoes from their crates to leave light.

  • Buy downgraded fruits and vegetables

Downgraded fruits and vegetables are those that do not meet the aesthetic standards of sales areas. To convince customers, the most beautiful fruits and vegetables are preferred. The “ugly” ones are then cheaper.

  • Limit intermediaries as much as possible

By limiting intermediaries, you remove their margins. As a result, your purchases will be cheaper than at the end of a long chain.

  • Good deals on mobile applications

Some anti-waste apps will save you a lot of money. Too Good To Go, Phenix or Optimiam, for example, are worth the detour. Some ready-to-discard products can thus be recovered free of charge or at a lower cost.

  • Plan your meals for the week while shopping, to avoid waste

Finally, to control your seasonal fruit and vegetable bill and limit the waste of these, there is one last tip to add to the list. It simply consists of planning your meals for the week before going shopping. In this way, no risk of overflow!

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