Do you want to have an outdoor wooden kitchen? Why not make it yourself with DIY? Here’s how!

Do you want to create your own outdoor kitchen and add a personal touch to your garden? Consider building it yourself with DIY.

How to create an outdoor wooden kitchen?

First of all, it is important to fix the cleats on a wall to delimit a frame. Take for this the boards 20 centimeters wide. Attach a cleat to this frame at the appropriate height for your future workplan. Consider adding shelves using cleats and boards 12 centimeters wide. Take yours paint bucket neutral and paint the worktop, the rest of wooden outdoor kitchen will then be colored. For more information, discover Laurence de Tilly’s DIY project.

What material to build a wooden summer kitchen?

To build an outdoor wooden kitchen all it takes is a little elbow grease and a few wood planks. Here are the materials needed to complete your project:

• Autoclave wooden planks 20 cm wide

• Autoclave boards 12 cm wide

• Of them paint bucket of your choice

• A screwdriver

• Wooden cleats

Where to place your wooden summer kitchen?

The question we all ask ourselves: where to install my wooden summer kitchen ? The kitchen area will be ideally placed on a sunny terrace. It will feel like an extension of your interior kitchen. You can also install it at the bottom of the garden for more privacy. Do you have a nice swimming pool? Place a dining area near the water corner to have all your utensils close at hand while enjoying a swim.