How to make a detox and healthy smoothie that will get you in shape

Quickly finish your packets of papillotes and make way for smoothies! They’re just as indulgent as your chocolates, but even more satisfying, and bonus, they’re healthy.

You ate like an otter before hibernation all vacation. And there is nothing wrong with that. You did well. Yofuckinghey.

But all that fat, sugar or other components that are not very beneficial for your health are gradually felt…

These are not legends. Sugar and chocolate praline are not the best foods to feel as dynamic as a dapper pony.

Smoothies to regain all your liveliness in January

Here is the secret of all fitness. I’m not going to talk to you here about herbal tea, because it hardly constitutes an adequate diet for daily survival.

Nope, I am of course coming to talk to you about the smoothie! Yes, this thing as delicious as it is healthy! And the best part is that it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.

All you need is a blender. (Preferably closed before switching on.)

Well, you also need all kinds of slightly healthy ingredients, such as fruits, herbs, nuts and yogurts…

So if you don’t already have these kinds of substances, it’s time to go to the local supermarket to fill your cupboards with these tasty things.

Nota bene: the smoothie is not only good for your digestive health, you will also see the effects of this good fruity diet on your skin! ‘Cause even though that saying is hard to swallow, yes you are a little what you eat.

How to make a smoothie that’s as healthy as it is delicious

The smoothie is all about taking whatever you like, throwing it in the blender and bimyou have your magic drink.

It’s a bit like soup, after all, but in a sweet version.

If you’re not sure whether your favorite ingredients go well together, I advise you to watch this video which will give you good ideas!

A few tips for a successful smoothie

Don’t panic about the proportions: if it’s too thick, you add liquid and you re-mix.

(No, nothing to do.)

If it’s liquid… well, either you add some solid, or you are careful from the beginning not to put too much liquidjust in case, even if it means adding more.

In your smoothie, you can mix yogurt or milk (vegetable or not) with fruit.

But you can also put raw vegetables in itlike cucumber, which goes very well with apple and avocado.

It’s always good to add a little bit of greens: spinach leaves, lamb’s lettuce or even lettuce.

It’s also a little trick to eat salad if you don’t like it. Incorporate it into a smoothie! It will certainly give a greenish color to the mixture, but its taste will be completely masked by the other ingredients.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to your smoothie

It sometimes happens thatwe are mistaken about what is really healthy or not in food.

For example, you can absolutely make yourself a super gourmet banana-chocolate smoothie, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be healthy!

Just choose, for example, soy or coconut milk, and for the chocolate, incorporate pure cocoa powder directly. Cocoa is full of magnesium and ironyou need it !

You can also add a spoonful of peanut butter to your smoothies. In small doses, it is very beneficial for health!

However, it is better to turn to an organic brand, or in any case one that is limited to pure or almost pure peanut paste. Unlike some brands that add oil and sugar…which isn’t so healthy anymore.

There you go, you should have everything you need to make delicious smoothies! You will be able to test all kinds of recipes during your next brunches.

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And you, are you a fan of smoothies? Otherwise, did I make you want to try this culinary marvel?

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