How to properly organize your kitchen?

How to properly organize your small kitchen?

For the kitchen to be functional and organized, the idea is to ensure that the ingredients and utensils are within easy reach. To do this, it is first necessary to define each area of ​​activity: storage, preparation, cooking, washing and garbage. The challenge for those with a large kitchen is to bring these various functions together. In a small kitchen on the other hand, it is necessary to optimize each space, hence the interest of folding shelves and sliding extensions. The key here is to exploit all the voids in the room. As much as possible, it is better to opt for stackable or foldable storage and chest systems.

Drawers are one of the essentials in a kitchen. They find their place in the lower units of the kitchen, generally under the hob or worktop for easy access. There are also locker systems so that the drawers do not take up too much space. In any case, it is advisable to compartmentalize them for an effective organization.

Regarding kitchen cupboards, they allow you to store utensils that you rarely use. From now on, it is possible to exploit even the back of the doors to fix clever storage there.

As for the ingredients, it is essential to have easy access to them while preserving their flavors. To avoid overloading your refrigerator, adopt the stackable storage boxes, the bottle racks, the ice cube tray with reservoir, among others.

For dry foods, they should be stored in airtight jars and boxes to protect them from light and moisture. In any case, remember to postpone the expiry date on each container.

In general, reasoning logically is enough. You are not going to store the pans that you use frequently with the fryer! In addition, it is important to facilitate the opening and closing of cupboards by providing ergonomic handles, for example.

To store spices and condiments not far from the work area, take advantage of unused spaces and adopt practical accessories such as pyramidal shelves to store dishes, pans, plates, cups or glasses.

Here is our selection of accessories and storage that will allow you to have a functional kitchen.

Our choice: set of airtight food boxes

To preserve rice, flour, sugar, cereals, pasta, beans, nuts and coffee, in short all dry foods, our team suggests these Chef’s Path Versatile Airtight Canisters. This set includes 14 vacuum containers of different capacity, ranging from 0.8 to 2.8 litres. They are topped with a lid with a silicone seal to preserve your food.

The big advantage of these durable storage boxes is that they are stackable and fit perfectly in the fridge-freezer or in your cupboards. This will free up space in your pantry. Designed with plastic, these transparent containers are easy to clean.

Another plus of this set of airtight containers, it comes with reusable jar labels, a chalk marker and measuring spoons.

Set of 10 glass spice jars

In order to organize your counters and drawers, we have chosen for you these glass spice jars with airtight lid EZOWare. Each 70 ml container is made from a tempered and transparent borosilicate glass allowing the ingredients to be clearly distinguished. It is surmounted by a bamboo wooden lid enhanced by a silicone waterproof ring. Air cannot infiltrate, thus guaranteeing the freshness of the spices. Temperature resistant (from -20℃ to 150℃), these 10 jars are dishwasher safe.

Square glass food containers 1 l

To enjoy homemade dishes without wasting a lot of time in the kitchen, do you usually cook your meals in advance? We therefore advise you to invest in these 3 airtight 1 liter Pyrex glass dishes. They are used to store in the fridge and freezer and then to heat up three individual meals. The same size, they are stackable and store easily.

This set of borosilicate glass dishes is resistant to extreme temperatures, from -40°C to +300°C, and also to thermal shocks up to 220°C. So you can use them to cook your recipes in the oven, taking care to remove the lid.

The dishes have two side handles guaranteeing easy handling and avoiding the risk of burns.

8-compartment pot rack

No more pans scattered on the worktop or in the cupboards! We have selected for you this kitchen storage with 8 compartments Toplife can accommodate pots and pans of different sizes. It is possible to dismantle it for a minimum size. Moreover, this pot holder does not require any special tools for assembly.

Boasting a sturdy construction, this pot rack is crafted with heavy iron treated to prevent rust. Its feet are equipped with non-slip rubber to ensure the stability of the stand. This kitchen storage can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Dish rack above sink

If you are used to washing your dishes by hand, we recommend that you install this dish drainer above your SOLEDI sink to prevent water from stagnating at the bottom of plates and glasses. It flows directly into the sink. We were seduced by this model because of its many features. Its length of the drain basket is adjustable according to that of the sink. It goes from 85 to 105 cm. The same goes for the height, which can vary between 31.2 and 52 cm.

This floor-standing plate carrier with a revolutionary design can support a maximum load of 35 kg. It can hold 10 bowls, 10 plates, vegetables or fruit as well as knives and forks.

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