Hygiene: Does your kitchen harbor more germs than your toilet?

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Some germs can be introduced by you when cooking. Do you wash your hands when you get home and before preparing food? When was the last time you cleaned your phone – especially important if you use it to read recipes? Do you know if your tea towels and tea towels are clean?

Norovirus, which causes vomiting in the winter, is the most common type of food poisoning. But other bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites – including campylobacter and salmonella – also make us sick. You may have as many questions about germs as there are bacteria on your cutting board (more on that later). So here we’re going to explore the many ways germs can get into your mouth, with the help of Hygiene Doctor Dr. Lisa Ackerley.

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There are thousands of germs on your hands

Many infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. Since your hands would harbor around 3,000 bacteria of over 150 species at any one time (most of which are harmless), imagine how many germs you can introduce into your kitchen if you cook without washing them. To make matters worse, germs spread from your mouth and nose onto your hands.

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