in Linxe, the atmosphere of the South-West festivals in “the cold and the humidity”

It’s noon this Sunday…

It is noon this Sunday, November 20, the first festayres will not be long in pointing the end of their beak. On the menu, duck hearts and potatoes, “carbo” or “bolo” salmon pasta… Luckily, the sun has just broken through the clouds to chase away the rain, which fell almost continuously in the morning.

“I would have exchanged with last weekend: it was 28 ° C, we were in T-shirts. But that didn’t stop us from organizing our petanque on Saturday,” notes Julien Desbieys, president of the Fêtes de Linxe section, the local committee that oversees the three days of celebration at the village.

As the event takes place around Saint Martin’s Day on November 11, it is not uncommon to have to take shelter or help yourself to food with your feet in the incipient slush.

Sebastien Huste

” Tradition “

It all started on Friday, with a basketball meeting and a play by an association from the neighboring town of Vielle-Saint-Girons. After a Saturday marked by the unmissable match of the ACLR (Association Côte Landes Rugby), named after the agreement between Linxe, Castets and Léon, the wine and tapas bar for former members of the local rugby club then a radio hook offered by Musicalinxe end one of the last Landes patronal festivals of the year.

“These are not the last! Next week, there’s Leon. We’ll still be on duty. On the menu, it will be rougail”, launch, all smiles, Martine and Marie-Noëlle, two volunteers who cooked for the 4 p.m. lotto.

Several hundred people will take their places at the long rows of tables that crisscross the multipurpose room, headquarters of these ancestral festivities organized around Saint-Martin (celebrated on November 11), the patron saint of the village, at the same time as the festivities. of Messanges, Léon or Vielle-Saint-Girons – since advances in the spring – to “allow the showmen to go around” the villages.

“The Linxe festivals are very old. I have been president for twenty years and they already existed, ”says Julien Desbieys. Who sees there a “moment of cohesion”: “After the two years that we have just passed, people need to find themselves, despite inflation. It’s part of the tradition. »

About forty volunteers from local associations (here the former rugby players of Abeilles Linxoises) give their time to animate the village for three days.

About forty volunteers from local associations (here the former rugby players of Abeilles Linxoises) give their time to animate the village for three days.

Sebastien Huste

hands and ideas

This year, the event suffers from a lack of attendance. The poor Mickey merry-go-round and the few stalls wedged into the central square of the village pale in comparison. Not a cat in sight. At 10 a.m., 50 motivated locals took part in the 7 kilometer march in aid of En avant pour Capucine when, on Friday, 60 spectators attended the play. But the private basketball party was full with 200 people. Blame it on the capricious weather? At the proposal, yet eclectic?

“We are trying to change things. We recruited young people from Soustons to organize a beer-pong tournament, ”retorts Julien Desbieys, the very committed president (he is also the fourth deputy mayor of Linxe, Thierry Gallea), who is looking for volunteers, especially young and fresh, to animate the association and the commune, in full demographic expansion. “Not just hands, ideas, too,” insists the manager.

Midday.  Soon time for the France-Japan rugby match.

Midday. Soon time for the France-Japan rugby match.

Sebastien Huste

“Pena Bayona”

“These festivals enliven the village, but it is less anchored than in Chalosse, for example. Here, we are on the coast, there are a lot of second homes, ”adds Philippe Robert, the president of the Abeilles linxoises. It is 1 p.m. at the headquarters of the association of ex-rugbymen that he cornaque. The party is in full swing with around fifty guests.

Wrapped up in a coat or a sweater, we sip a zinc drink from the bar; we peck cheese on tables, eat standing up, waddling to the music. ” Everyone knows each other. Sometimes we see people we haven’t seen for a while,” says Vincent, the DJ who sets the mood for lunch.

A cluster of friends who came with their family showed up to take part in the lively atmosphere: “I’m from Linxe and I’m coming to the parties for the first time. In winter, it’s freezing, it makes you want to drink beer less,” jokes Émilie, who has swapped Bermuda shorts and a red or blue scarf for a warm coat.

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