In Marie’s apartment: “I follow nearly 200 decoration accounts on Instagram”

Between softness, calm, neat and tidy decor.

For those who have known Madmoizelle for a while, do you remember our section “In the apartment of…” ? Stopped in 2017, it is back in service now.

For this thirteenth episode, we are going to visit Marie’s superb apartment!

In Marie’s apartment

  • What is your first name and your age?

My name is Marie and I am 30 years old.

  • What do you do for a living ?

I am an interior designer on my own account: you can find me on my Instagram account @littlebluehome_

  • What is the pedigree of your apartment? (location, how many square meters, monthly rent or purchase price)

I have been living in a 45 m² apartment in the center of Orléans for 4 years, for a rent of 575 €.


Yes, finally with my cat: Bruce.

  • If you had to give one word or phrase to describe your accommodation, what would it be?

It’s a cozy little nest in which I feel good, my haven of peace that allows me to recharge my batteries.

  • If you had to interview your apartment, what would be its positives and negatives?

The positive points : it is functional and has been renovated with beautiful materials: parquet effect tiling, beams, beautiful wooden windows… My owner has kept the charm of the old.


I have a small floor, under the roof, which I use as a guest room and to store everything I don’t want to see downstairs: papers, boxes, suitcases… It’s really very practical.

I was also able to slide my desk under the stairs, it fits to the nearest centimeter.

Last advantage and not least: its location. I’m a 10/15 minute walk from all my favorite places, I only use my car to see some clients outside of Orléans and do an errand drive from time to time.


The negative points : the kitchen is not to my taste (lacquered white furniture and speckled marble worktop), and I don’t have room for a dining area in my living room. It is not very bright, as it is in front of another building in a small street.


Can you show us one (or more) object(s) that we can only find at home? An object found, manufactured, inherited…

I have a beautiful terracotta owl, handmade by artisans in Guanajuato, Mexico. I lived in this country for two years and my parents gave it to me when they visited, so it has sentimental value and is a nice souvenir. I also have a beautiful skull, typical of this region.

  • Do you have a decoration idea, not too expensive or downright DIY that you are too proud of and want to share?

The trick that I have applied at home and that I often suggest to my clients: the wall of frames. It perfectly dresses a somewhat empty wall. By mixing personal photos and pretty posters of different sizes and frames of different colors, we get a set that looks like us.

  • Is it that you had a big wallet crack for something in your home?

No, this apartment is rather “reasonable” because I had not planned to stay so long in Orléans, and even less in this apartment.

But I dream of the Teo and Titus chairs by Vincent Sheppard, and a large panoramic sofa. These will be my investments in an upcoming apartment.

  • What are your decorating quirks?

I have a rather minimalist lifestyle: my purchases are carefully considered.


I’m quite manic, I like everything to be in its place: I spend my time putting the curtains and cushions back in place, for example. I also like that everything is matched, the towels for example: you will never see a mismatched set at my house.

  • Where do you feel most at home?

I love waking up early in the morning and opening my window to let in the fresh air and getting back under the duvet to read, browse Instagram, do my to do list of the day.

  • What is the music that loops most often in your home?

My top 3 right now: Is it true by Tame Impala, do’ time by Lana del Rey and buzzcut season of Lorde.

Tame Impala - Is It True (Official Video)
  • Do you have work or decoration projects?

No big project planned for the moment, I’m just going to change my bed linen: I want a nice terracotta set and new little round cushions.

  • Do you follow Instagram accounts for decorating inspiration?

My favorite account is that of @cosyhomebycamille, I really like his universe.

Otherwise I follow nearly 200 decoration accounts, including many Americans, and Canadians: @jaimelyncarney @houseofhire @cozy.happy.home and @nest.number.nine for example.

  • How long do you see yourself living in your home?

I would like to be able to buy an apartment or a house within two years, we will see if life allows me! My dream: a beautiful townhouse to renovate with a small garden.

Thanks to Marie for this lovely visit!

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