La Box Voyageuse – July 2022 – India

On the way to India this month with the Box Voyageuse! And I can already tell you that we are going to enjoy his delicious recipes.

The Box Voyageuse in a nutshell

If you are discovering this box for the first time, I will explain the concept to you in a few lines. It is a culinary box of world cuisine. The concept is simple: take off for a world tour of cooking. The Box Voyageuse can be ordered for a trip of one, three, six, or even twelve months depending on your preferences.

Each month, we discover a new destination with a fine selection of delicious products. For each box, a Grand Chef of the country who is honored accompanies the team for the creation of recipes. Every month we have enough to make delicious dishes, desserts, aperitifs, etc. for four persons. What to discover the specialties of a country and also learn more about the culture with the few lines on the habits and customs.

At the opening of the box, there are two hardcover booklets with pretty images of the selected country, a presentation of the country, of the chef who helped to make the box, of the habits and customs, a presentation of the different products of the box and many recipes to make. These are booklets that I keep in a binder to redo the recipes that I liked the most.

Content of the July 2022 VOYAGEUSE box on culinary specialties from India

  • Tandoori Spices
  • Korma Sauce
  • Tikka Masala Sauce
  • Coconut milk
  • Mix of lentils, peas and rice
  • Flaked almonds
  • Candied ginger

What do you think of these delicious ingredients?

Tandoori Spices

We start with this delicious blend of spices often found in Indian cuisine: Tandoori spices. It is a slightly spicy mixture but rich in aromas which will make it possible to flavor all our dishes.

With these spices, we will be able to cook a revisited Toor Dal or a delicious Tandoori chicken.

Korma Sauce

We continue with these two sauces. The first is a Korma sauce that we can use in the preparation of lamb Korma.

Korma sauce comes from Urdu and means “to braise”. A Korma is a dish where vegetables and meat are braised accompanied by broth, yogurt or cream.

Tikka Masala Sauce

The second sauce is my favorite, it’s the Tikka Massala that we use in the preparation of Chicken Tikka Massala.

It is a sauce with a mixture of spices including cardamom which is very present.

Coconut milk

Then, we find an essential of Indian cuisine: coconut milk. India is the world’s third largest producer.

With this coconut milk, we will be able to prepare our revisited Toor Dal.

Mix of lentils, peas and rice

Then, we received a mixture of lentils, peas and rice which are a good source of vegetable protein. This mixture will be used in the preparation of Toor Dal revisited with Tandoori spices and coconut milk.

Lentils, peas and rice are great classics of Indian cuisine. Rice very often comes with dishes in sauce such as Tandoori chicken or lamb Korma.

Flaked almonds

To prepare Lamb Korma, we will also need slivered almonds. I didn’t know at all but India is the world’s largest importer of almonds, they are found in both savory and sweet dishes.

Candied ginger

We finish with candied ginger which is generally eaten at the end of the meal to help digestion. On our side, we are going to use it in the preparation of the chicken with candied ginger.

My opinion on the Box Voyageuse of July

I loved this trip to the heart of the flavors of India! Each of the recipes is incredibly tasty. My favorite is the Tandoori chicken recipe made with chicken breasts, Tandoori spices, garlic, lemon, natural yoghurt and Basmati rice.

Where are we going in August?

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