Lauragais: she cooks Creole dishes that she sells to take away and delivers around Revel

Since the beginning of September, Coco Boucher has been preparing Creole specialties in the small kitchen of her house in Revel. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of the Midi Lauragais)

It’s past 11 o’clock on Thursday morning when Coco Butcher opens the door of his house to us, 20, rue des Prés-de-la-Ponce, in Revel, which has recently become his place of work. She has been behind the stove for several hours already, preparing sausage rougail, samosas and others hoop delights. “I start cooking early, around 5 or 6 a.m.,” she says.

A way for this 50-year-old self-entrepreneur to respond quickly to customer demand. Because since Saturday, September 3, 2022Coco Boucher no longer cooks just for her family.

It took me on a whim. I always wanted to cook for others, but until now it was difficult for me to have a career: my ex-husband being a soldier, we moved often. I traveled around France for 20 years, until we separated. I became a secretary, then a childminder, I worked at McDonald’s and Lidl… In short, I struggled. Then I got fed up and started.

Coco ButcherManager of the company Aux Délices Créole

A “fragrant and shimmering” cuisine

In June, Coco Boucher undertakes all the necessary administrative procedures, then opens, in September, its meal delivery service : At Creole Delights. “Creole cuisine is what I know how to do best, assures the Reunionese. I was born into it! »

The recipes for the dishes she concocts from home – and which she offers for take-out or delivery – Coco Boucher inherited from her father and her aunt. It was by watching them do that she learned.

Having the recipes is not enough! There is a helping hand. So I had to do several tests before finding the right dosages, those that remind me of the flavors of my childhood.

Flavors she describes as fragrant and shimmering. “Creole cuisine has a little taste of coming back to it,” she smiles. But don’t confuse spicy with spicy. We use thyme, saffron, these are not strong spices. »

The dishes listed on the Aux Délices Créole menu are, according to Coco Boucher, quick to prepare.  The recipes were taught to him by his father and aunt.
The dishes listed on the Aux Délices Créole menu are, according to Coco Boucher, quick to prepare. The recipes were taught to him by his father and aunt. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of the Midi Lauragais)

A different offer

Samosas, kaffir lime corks, chilli candies, vegetable pickles, sausage rougail… The specialties on the menuWith Creole delights are not lacking and come in a spicy or non-spicy version. “These are dishes that are very easy to prepare. And especially, it’s a change from the burgers, pizzas and kebabs that you find everywhere in Revel. People like to vary the pleasures,” notes Coco Boucher.

And like to facilitate it, she could have added: “The delivery formula (delivery, editor’s note) is rather appreciated, especially when you don’t have time to cook or when you are at work. »

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The food truck project

The self-employed person insures herself the delivery of its dishes to Revel and within a radius of 20 kilometers – with additional costs beyond 10 kilometers. To do this, it has equipped itself with insulated boxes, specific reusable plates and trays. A material that it finances little by little. “My current income is used to equip myself. Gradually, his kitchen is also being fitted out, becoming more functional.

Eventually, it is in a food truck that Coco Boucher would like to invest “That would allow me to do the markets. “For the time being, the Reunionese is content with her small kitchen and her vehicle, word of mouth and the skills of the youngest of her daughters to ensure her communication on social networks and her website.

Practical information

At Creole Delights, 20, rue des Prés-de-la-Ponce – 31250 Revel.
Information on the company’s website or Facebook page, orders by phone on 06 24 88 80 67.

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