LFI: who wants to be the angel is the beast… with two backs

On the far left, the soap opera of “sexist and sexual violence” is endless

Adrien Quatennens is in turmoil.

After the rumors and accusations made against Taha Bouhafs and Eric Coquerel, a new case of violence against women is shaking the galaxy of the “Rebellious”. Following the leak in the press of the handrail filed by his wife in the context of a stormy divorce, the deputy from the North was suspected of domestic violence. In a press release posted on Twitter, Adrien Quatennens recognizes and says very clearly the facts he committed: a slap, a shove and an attempt to appropriate his wife’s mobile phone. He makes a clear mea culpa, publicly apologizes to his wife. He expresses his dismay and his difficulty in accepting a separation he did not want, while recognizing his wife’s legitimacy to take such a decision.

Watered sprinklers

I understand that we can make fun of seeing LFI’s lesson givers find themselves in a situation of watered sprinklers. They theorized that privacy was political and are the first to pay the price for their hypocrisy. Just as they theorize popular sovereignty while organizing the movement most subject to the authority of the leader that we know. With opaque status and nebulous functioning. This type of organization where the speech is in contradiction with the actions in its internal structuring favors dubious behavior and explains the clan reflex: in the name of the importance of the cause and because there are no other benchmarks , we cover all the individual turpitudes. I therefore understand very well that one can be very annoyed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s scandalous tweet of support: “Police malice, media voyeurism, social networks were invited in the conflictual divorce of Adrien and Céline Quatennens. Adrien decides to take it all on himself. I salute his dignity and his courage. I tell him my confidence and my affection.” But this tweet steeped in arrogance and denial does not reflect the content of Adrien Quatennens’ press release. He does not pretend to be an expiatory victim who would take everything for himself. Nor does he look for an excuse by embroidering on systemic violence… The real lesson givers do not make a mea culpa and on the contrary shamelessly victimize themselves. This is not the case and this changes the habits of the political environment where the mantra ” never confess is a golden rule, with the famous ” we only get out of ambiguity at our expense “.

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It is therefore rare for politicians to recognize a fault, whether public or private. Adrien Quatennens does it and goes to the end of his confession. It’s honest and brave. He says he has acted badly, admits having difficulty managing his divorce, admits major faults and withdraws because he no longer considers himself capable of managing his personal situation and his obligations within his party. Anyone who has experienced romantic passion and/or the end of a relationship knows that it can be an intimate earthquake. This does not take away from the fact that being violent is a gross fault and that a good reason is not an excuse. But being overwhelmed by a situation and committing a fault is not being structurally violent. In this case, I know a few women who have heartily slapped their husbands in similar situations! These were not violent women and did not start again but they did not think that they had committed the irreparable… even if they were a little ashamed. Other men or women in similar circumstances have not yielded to violence but have felt it and sometimes do not know how they resisted it or why.

Moral Left and Twitter Madness

Being overwhelmed by your emotions often leads to mistakes, looking them in the face and acknowledging your shame can lead to never making them again. Adrien Quatennens and his wife are going through a difficult and destabilizing period. A moment of existential crisis like anyone can go through. The MP’s press release is heartfelt and touching. But trying to remain temperate in the face of this type of event is increasingly difficult. On social media, many people act as if supporting a public man who admits to having done wrong means supporting violent men who beat their wives. This interpretation is so stupid that it does not immediately come to the mind of a sane person, but it is very widespread on Twitter. But being unable to make distinctions to transform any event into an illustration of masculine monstrosity ends up having the same effect as crying wolf when there is none. There is indeed a difference between predators who abuse women’s youth and inexperience or who use their power to establish a deleterious hold and a couple that separates and experiences strong tensions. There is a difference between an abusive man who beats his wife because he considers her to be his thing and a person who momentarily loses his footing when a relationship ends. The fact that the story of the tense relationship between Adrien Quatennens and his wife has come out will perhaps have a positive effect for the MP: intimate crises often lock people into a bubble of feelings that makes them lose all sense of reality and the measurement. The return of reality, even through a scandal, acts like a cold shower that puts ideas back in place. The confrontation with the judgment of the outside world allows you to get out of your inner spiral, to find common sense. It seemed to work on Adrien Quatennens. All that remains is to leave to their neuroses those who pretend to think that not jumping at Adrien Quatennens’ throat is condoning violence against women. Still, watching the purifying fire of wokism touch the structures that propagate it is gratifying. After LFI, it is now EELV who is affected with the new rumors about Julien Bayou, propagated by Sandrine Rousseau. The PS also took a stray bullet with Aurélie Filippetti’s tweet reminding party authorities that they regularly invited the economist Thomas Piketty, also accused of having committed this type of violence.

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Decidedly, in the moral left, whoever wants to be the angel is above all the beast with two backs. As for the purifying fire that its followers adore, they still haven’t understood that it would end up being used above all to light their future pyres. Believing that one incarnates the Good often results in granting oneself so much license to accomplish the necessary evil (censorship, policing of behavior and thought, elimination of the adversary, permanent trial of one’s companions and allies) that the ‘one comes to believe that unscrupulousness and hunting in packs is the highest form of commitment. We often condemn ourselves to ending up on the dinner table.

It’s a banal ending: when you play on resentment and morality without having plans for the future, you have to regularly throw heads at the crowd. In the absence of proposals, it is necessary to offer culprits. And that’s how wolves devour each other.

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