LIVE – Legislative: Tomorrow’s Council of Ministers is canceled after yesterday’s results – The PS, PCF and EELV oppose Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s proposal to create a single Nupes group – Elisabeth Borne: Already the end ?

7:01 p.m .: Despite her victory, with 52.3% of the vote, Elisabeth Borne could already be pushed out by Emmanuel Macron. At the end of the ballot, the president finds himself indeed weakened in the National Assembly, where he no longer has an absolute majority (only 245 seats, against 350 five years ago, and far from the 289 necessary). And this setback could invite him to initiate a broader reshuffle than the simple replacement of the three defeated members of the government: Amélie de Montchalin (Ecological Transition), Brigitte Bourguignon (Health) and Justine Benin (Sea).

In any case, this is what the representatives of the opposition are asking for. Elisabeth Borne “is in very great difficulty to stay”, declared this Monday on franceinfo the deputy LFI Clémentine Autain, while several Insoumis representatives promised to file “a motion of censure” against her.

The vice-president of the RN and mayor of Perpignan, Louis Aliot, estimated on France Inter that the Prime Minister “could not stay”, because “she is too weakened”.

“Emmanuel Macron must take into account the result of these elections, he must change his political line, change Prime Minister and government”, for his part estimated Valérie Pécresse, unfortunate candidate of the Republicans for the presidential election.

5:18 p.m .: Tomorrow’s Council of Ministers is canceled after the results of yesterday’s legislative elections, indicates BFM TV.

Recall that three candidate ministers who were running for a seat in the Assembly lost:

They are Amélie de Montchalin, Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Brigitte Bourguignon, Minister of Health, and Justine Benin, Secretary of State for the Sea.

4:22 p.m.: “No Les Républicains deputy will vote for confidence in the government”, confirms Christian Jacob, the boss of LR, on possible support for Emmanuel Macron.

3:16 p.m.: The Socialist Party, EELV and the PCF told AFP on Monday that they refused Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s proposal to form a single Nupes group in the National Assembly, recalling that the coalition agreement signed in early May provided for separate groups. “It was never about a single group. There will be a socialist group in the National Assembly,” said Pierre Jouvet, spokesperson for the PS, which brokered the deal with LFI. “The coalition contract was very clear, it provided for each party to have its own group and then there would be an intergroup,” he recalled.

“No question of merging into a single group”, for his part reacted the spokesperson for EELV Alain Coulombel. “We have a contract with Nupes and I think it’s the same for PCF and PS: it was agreed that everyone had their own group. This proposal is inappropriate with respect to mutual commitment. We are faced with a fait accompli, ”he denounced.

“Having a clean group is one of the elements of the agreement, we have always been clear about this”, specified to AFP Igor Zamichiei, number 2 of the PCF, party in agreement on the other hand with the principle of a intergroup. Jean-Luc Mélenchon proposed Monday that the New Popular Ecological and Social Union be constituted “as a single group” in the National Assembly, worried that the obtaining of 89 deputies by the RN calls into question its “status” of first opposition to Emmanuel Macron.

2:37 p.m.: “The New Popular Ecological and Social Union should form a single group” in the National Assembly, “proposed” Monday Jean-Luc Mélenchon, worried that obtaining 89 deputies by the RN calls into question its “status” of first opposition to Emmanuel Macron. “As soon as there is a single group, without any possible discussion the opposition would be called Nupes”, he estimated in front of the headquarters of La France insoumise in Paris.

He justified this proposal: “No one had seen this situation happen”. He does not wish, he added, “to give the impression that we are amplifying the confusion” “by our own scattering”. “Naturally I will defer to what the groups decide,” he said, pleading: “I believe that we must be and remain a united alternative”.

Asked about the discussions on this point with the PS, EELV and the PCF, Jean-Luc Mélenchon replied: “It starts there right away. A few have raised the subject in front of me but I don’t want to embarrass them”. He then cited as interlocutors, from Sunday evening, the first secretary of the PS Olivier Faure and the head of EELV Julien Bayou.

In the meantime, Valérie Rabault, leader of the Socialists in the National Assembly during the previous legislature, has already opposed the proposal. “The left is plural, it is represented in its diversity in the National Assembly. It is a force at the service of the French people. Wanting to remove this diversity is a mistake and I oppose it, ”she tweeted immediately after Mr. Mélenchon’s statement.

“It is a proposal, not an injunction. It does not prevent each party from having a delegation, like in the European Parliament, which is self-organizing, ”wanted to reassure Mr. Mélenchon. “Even if we lose some material means, I consider that it is ridiculous compared to the political stake which takes shape in front of us”, he said in reference to the financing of the parties.

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