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Verane Frediani

Filmmaker, journalist, gastronome and feminist activist, Vérane Frédiani is from Marseille. She is the author of the documentary Looking for female chefs and books Cheffes and Elles cuisinent

Born in Marseille into a Corsican-Italian and Marseillaise family, Vérane Frédiani is a graduate of the Lille business school, EDHEC.

A fan of cinema, Vérane became CANAL+’s “Miss Cinema” in 2002, succeeding Isabelle Giordano at the presentation of the famous program “Le Journal du Cinéma”, after having worked for 6 years as a journalist and presenter on the program “Cinémascope broadcast on the music channel MCM.

Vérane Frédiani then created with Franck Ribière the production and distribution companies La Fabrique de Films and La Ferme Productions where she produced genre films such as A l’INTERIEUR by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury and distributed around fifty films in venues such as RIZE by David Lachapelle, LE CRIME FARPAIT by Alex de la Iglesia, LOIN D’ELLE by Sarah Polley or FAST FOOD NATION by Richard Linklater.

In 2012, Vérane Frédiani decided to move on to directing and writing. She thus co-wrote, co-filmed with Franck Ribière STEAK (R)EVOLUTION, the documentary film which was released in theaters in France at the end of 2014 (streamed on Netflix outside France). She also edited the film. A book accompanied the film at Editions de la Martinière.

The first attempt at action in favor of women by Vérane Frédiani is also her first production, with the documentary ” IN SEARCH OF WOMEN LEADERS”. This film, supported by director Anne-Sophie Pic, was released in theaters in France on July 5, 2017 and was then broadcast on Canal Plus Doc. He has since toured international festivals and cooking schools.

In February 2018, Vérane Frédiani launched LA LISTE des Femmes chefs de France on social networks, following the announcement by the MICHELIN guide of some fifty new starred restaurants, only two of which have a female chef in the kitchen (these women work in duet with their husbands). This list of more than 500 women that Vérane drew up with the precious help of the journalist Estérelle PAYANY, was first published on the Télérama website on the occasion of Women’s Day in March 2018.

Thanks to the publisher Nouriturfu, in February 2019, the list of female chefs in France has become a real guide in which practically every female chef working in a restaurant in France is presented. Beyond the formidable resource that this guide represents, it is a key tool for a social study of the work of women in France in gastronomy.

In November 2018, the book was released by Hachette “THEY COOK” written and photographed by Vérane Frédiani. This beautiful book brings together recipes and meetings with around forty female chefs in France and abroad. It is a logical follow-up to the work of a documentary filmmaker from Vérane, which gives a voice to many professional women cooks all over the world, including in Marseille!

This book received the 2019 Rungis Gourmet Prize.

In 2020 and 2021, during the “Covid” years, Vérane Frédiani co-directed with Franck Ribière and edited the documentary film REINVENTING MIRAZUR, devoted to the starred chef MAURO COLAGRECO. His restaurant in Menton was voted the best restaurant in the world in 2019, a few months after receiving his 3rd Michelin star. The film questions the meaning of haute cuisine.

REINVENTING MIRAZUR has just been presented at the Tribeca Festival in New York and will be broadcast on Canal Plus Doc in a few months.

During the summer of 2021, Editions de la Martinière published Marseille cooks the world initiated, written and photographed by Vérane Frédiani. This gourmet and unifying work on the kitchens and cooks who make Marseille today, shows the Marseille mixture as a strength, a model. A big bookseller success, the book gives rise to a series of dinner-events at the Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseille this summer 2022.

Vérane is currently filming a documentary dedicated to Marseille chef Alexandre Mazzia.

Verane Frediani
Verane Frediani

– VF

His T0P 10 of Marseille chefs:

Attention they are all number 1. This is not a ranking.

Yes I put 12. It’s the Mars attitude. We always do too much!

I want to be able to continue to sit down at each of them serenely!

  • Marie Dijon – Caterine (Plaine-Notre Dame du Mont district)
  • Sarah Chougnet – Regain (Chaves district – Le Camas)
  • Najla Chami – Mouné (St Victor district, Sainte street)
  • Laëtitia Visse – The butcher’s wife (Rome-Castellane district)
  • Lilian Gadola – Limmat (Cours Julien-Noailles district)
  • Coline Faulquier – Signature (Prado district)
  • Charlotte Baldaquin – The Great Tables of the Criée (Old Port district)
  • Delphine Roux – Chez Madie les Galinettes (Old Port district)
  • Fatou Dabo – Pepper and Pastel (Prado district)
  • Jeanne and Jean Philippe Garbin – Nestou – (Catalan District)
  • Vanessa Robuschi – Question of taste (Pointe Rouge district)
  • Shehrezade Lameda – Mariposas (Cours Julien district)
  • Pharmacy Herbalist of Father Blaize 4 Rue Meolan and Father Blaize, 13001 Marseille
  • The event in Marseille on July 5 not to be missed!

His book Marseille cooks the world is the subject of 3 events this summer at the Wasteland of the Belle de Mai thanks to Editions of La Martinière and the Grandes Tablesa group of marvelous makers who move Marseille and regale appetites.

The next event is July 5 in the evening on the roof of the Friche.

The proposed dinner will be Marseille-Portuguese. she will make her bouillidices there, served with Portuguese honey

Link for all the information on the evening: The big tables

Link to book…400 people are expected HERE

Recipes presented by Vérane Frédiani

Reports by Clément Baudet

The Canteen Libala

After working in star hotels in Paris, Hugues Mbenda settled in Marseille. With his partner Mathilde, they opened the Libala canteen which offers mixed cuisine in the image of Marseille. Like every morning, Hugues Mbenda goes shopping in the Noailles district.

Canteen Libala (weekday lunch only) 6 Roma Square 13006

The Libala canteen
The Libala canteen

© Radio France
– Clement Baudet

Laetitia Visse

Trained in Paris, Laetitia Visse moved to Marseille to open the restaurant in 2020 The Butcher’s Wife. On the menu, charcuterie, offal, joyful pork but also… octopus caillette! The Butcher’s Wife (Closed Saturday and Sunday) 10 Village Street 13006

Celia Broussegoutte

In the parks and on the heights of Marseille Célia Broussegoutte organizes with Edible Draille walks and picking around wild plants for culinary or therapeutic use. Wandering, picking and recipe advice with Célia Broussegoutte in the hills of La Salette in Marseille.

online booking HERE

The chronicle of Elvira Masson

Les Beaux Mets, the first restaurant in a prison environment open to the public, will be inaugurated at the Baumettes prison in Marseille at the beginning of next October.

  • Book : Stories of women, writings from prison, ed Robert Laffont, with the association Reading to get out


The wine chronicle of Jérôme Gagnez

  • Cassis is not just white!

In Cassis, we also prove that Provence is an authentic terroir of reds.

The Domaine du Bagnol produces on the terroir of Cassis a red with a dominant Mourvèdre complemented by old vines of Grenache Noir.

This cuvée is further proof that Provence should be regarded as a land of beautiful and great reds.

Cassis red cuvée Marquis de Fesque 2019, Domaine du Bagnol 2019 at 26 € at the estate

Domain of Bagnol

Jean-Louis, Lisa and Sébatien Genovesi

12, avenue de Provence, 13260 CASSIS
Tel: 04 42 01 78 05

The music program

  • David WALTERS – No one (radio edit)
  • MOUSSU TE LEI JOVENTS – Good kisses from Marseille

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