Nantes: we tested for you Gïda, a freshly opened “locavor” and “gourmet” kebab

Five friends and associates have opened Gïda, a gourmet kebab, on the Île de Nantes. The pins were hot this Sunday, April 10, 2022 at noon. (©Farah Sadallah / News Nantes)

No more “salad, tomato and onion”, give way to “marinated cabbage, feta, onions, salad and seasonal vegetables”. In this brand new kebab “gourmet” and “locavore”, Gidaopen this Sunday April 10, on the Île de Nantesplace François II, the products are localand the preparations are make houses. The famous Turkish-inspired Berlin doner is revisited without being distorted in this old bakery.

News Nantes was at the opening and tested the kebab from Gïda for you. With an unpretentious presentation as in a classic kebab, the sandwich is generously served to you in a large “Pide” bread. The meat is just spicythe bread is both crispy and softthe filling is fresh and the fries have a good potato taste. Welcome to Gida.

A group of five friends

The name Gïda means Grandmother in Kabyle and cooking in Turkish. “It’s a nod to the origin of the kebab,” says Olivier, co-founder of Gïda with four other associate friends. This name given to their gourmet kebab also refers to Samy, one of their associates of Kabyle origin.

In total, they are therefore five to have opened this new kebab. Already owners of Les Arrosésa bistro located nearby, at 48 boulevard de la Prairie au Duc in Nantesthey wanted to adapt to the situation at all to take away started during the first confinements.

We wanted a resilient model that resists waves and responds to telework. It is a complementary model to our restaurant.

OlivierCo-founder and partner

Sublimate the famous Turkish sandwich

The team also fell in love with this square, François II, where Gïda is now open. With this pétanque court next door, the gourmet kebab should have a bright future ahead of it.

Gïda has taken up residence at Place François II in Nantes.  A strategic place for kebab owners.
Gïda has taken up residence at Place François II in Nantes. A strategic place for kebab owners. (©Farah Sadallah / News Nantes)

But this new establishment is also an opportunity to sublimate the famous Turkish sandwich. Too often stigmatised, he has sometimes bad reputation because of the origin of the products that compose it, even if amateurs like to stuff themselves with it.

We all love the taste of kebab! But we always have a qualm about what we eat. What’s behind?

OlivierCo-founder and partner

“Reconciling taste and goodness”

Gïda therefore aims to “reconcile taste and goodness and to bring together students and people in their fifties who may have qualms about going to the kebab,” he continues. Thus, the new brand will get its “Pide” bread from a Turkish bakery. The Dürüm, the Turkish pancake, is she, homemade by the kebab with organic flourdetails at News NantesBenjamin, another of the associates.

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Otherwise, the calf, sweating on one of the two spits, comes from a Breton producer in reindeerjust like beef brisket for Pastrami cold sandwich. Poultry, also on a spit, comes from the slaughterhouse, Volpin in Loire-Atlantique.

Revisited sauces

The kebab also offers variations such as a salad with local seasonal products, a mixed plate combining veal, turkey, chicken, and fries. A Vegetarian Sandwich is also on the menu.

The people of Nantes were there for this first opening.  All generations have come to taste this new kebab in the neighborhood.
The people of Nantes were there for this first opening. All generations have come to taste this new kebab in the neighborhood. (©Farah Sadallah / News Nantes)

Finally, we find the traditional sauces accompanying the Turkish sandwich, such as the Algerian and the white, on the other hand these are slightly revisited “without distorting but with a bias”, says Olivier. The white sauce will be fresh with a minty note. The Algerian has character but without burning the palate. And finally Gida sauce tomato-based is spicier for connoisseurs and harissa lovers.

“It’s not a kebab that you eat at 3am”

Moreover, this Sunday noon, the people of Nantes were numerous to test their different Döner recipes. Xavier struggles to finish his mixed plate.

It’s super rich and very spicy. It’s excellent and the reception is very good.


The man in his fifties is not a kebab fan, but he assures us that he could well become one.

Geoffrey, on the other hand, is a regular and he is won over. ” It’s weird to eat good products in a kebab, he admits. It’s good, it’s fresh. You feel that there is work and research behind it. (…) It’s not a kebab that you eat at 3am. »

Practical information : 27 Rue la Tour d’Auvergne, 44200 Nantes, open from noon to 9.30 p.m.

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