Near Toulouse. La Maison Lascours, 100 years of family tradition in butchery

Mathieu Lascours has been managing the La Maison Lascours butcher since 2008. A company founded in 1922 in Lherm (Haute-Garonne), south of Toulouse, by his great-grandfather Paul Lascours. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

Loving good meat, against winds and storms, fashions, in the face of various crises… The butchery sector is not a long calm river but it can count on the loyalty of its customers, lovers of the pleasures of the plate and demanding on product quality.

The Lascours butcher's shop, a family tradition since 1922, is displayed on the walls of the new Fonsorbes shop.
The Lascours butcher’s shop, a family tradition since 1922, is displayed on the walls of the new Fonsorbes shop. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

A tradition born in 1922 at Lherm

An environment that welcomes, in 2022, a century-old brand: Maison Lascours. Lascours is a family tradition that is perpetuated from generation to generation, a torch that is passed on with an ever-burning fire. The story began in 1922 in Lherm (Haute-Garonne), south of Toulouse, when Paul Lascours opened his first butcher’s shop in what would become a secular stronghold over the years. Before his great-grandson took power Matthew in 2008, the latter’s grandfatherAndrewand his father Jeans (in 1982) had put on the apron and proudly set up the stalls of the house. And the mother is alongside her son to carry out the rest of this mission!

90% of the meat comes from Occitanie

A young man of his time, Mathieu Lascours, a graduate of a Parisian business school but strong in “learning on the job”, accelerated the development and transition of the company at all levels, while maintaining the tradition , excellence and the network of producers. Maison Lascours, for example, has been supplied with beef and calves for 50 years, with the same producer based in Saint-Sulpice la Pointe, in the Tarn. “90% of our meat comes from Occitania, outside the bird flu season and 80% of our sales come from our customers through the website and our shops”, specifies the manager.

After Lherm, Mathieu Lascours’ father opened a second butcher’s shop in Muret in the early 2000s. Today, the company manages six points of sale: the Lherm, Lacroix-Falgarde, Tournefeuille, Escalquens, Fonsorbes and Carcassonne, in Aude.

A location on the outskirts of Toulouse

The outskirts of Toulouse, a perfectly assumed choice of location.

“We made this choice because access to points of sale is easier, people consume more and we are targeting a less elitist clientele. Some time ago, we launched in Toulouse with a boutique on rue de Metz. But it had only lasted a year. And we favor locations where there is already a bakery and fruit and vegetable offer”.

Mathieu LascoursCo-partner of the Maison Lascours butcher shop
Maison Lascours has six boutiques: five in Haute-Garonne (including here in Fonsorbes, the latest to date, west of Toulouse) and one in Aude, in Carcassonne.
Maison Lascours has six boutiques: five in Haute-Garonne (including here in Fonsorbes, the latest to date, west of Toulouse) and one in Aude, in Carcassonne. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

However, Toulouse residents regularly eat meat from Maison Lascours, perhaps without even knowing it. “We have around a hundred restaurant customers in Toulouse, such as All For You, the Mama Shelterthe Chéri Chéri restaurant at the Théâtredelacité, Les Planeurs, Un air de quartier… Our objective is to diversify into several channels”, indicates to Toulouse News Paul Pernot, associated with Mathieu Lascours.

An exclusive on Japanese Kobe beef

The Haute-Garonne butcher’s shop has distinguished itself in recent years by its desire to introduce “exotic” meats to the four corners of the world. Especially beef from Kobe, Japan. The most expensive beef.

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“We are the only ones to offer it in the South West. People come from afar for Kobe beef”.

Mathieu Lascours

Meats from around the world

Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Austria, Poland (with the Black Pearl, heifer meat from the Thousand Lakes region), Australia or even Germany, to a lesser extent… Unusual countries for our taste buds. The latest bet comes from Northern Ireland with Shorthorn Hannan beef, matured in a specific chamber composed of 1000 Himalayan salt bricks, cut by hand. “Exceptional segments” as the company calls them. “Ten years ago, we were pioneers in bringing prime rib from Galicia, Spain. My father called me crazy, ”claims Mathieu Lascours.

Mathieu Lascours in front of the group's new headquarters in Fonsorbes (Haute-Garonne).
Mathieu Lascours in front of the group’s new headquarters in Fonsorbes (Haute-Garonne). (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

A brand new head office in Fonsorbes

In 14 years, the Lascours butcher’s shop has experienced dizzying growth, going from 6 employees in 2008 to around a hundred in 2022, “including around sixty butchers”, specifies the great-grandson of the founder of the house in southern Toulouse. And to mark the occasion for its centenary, the company has offered itself a head office more in line with its progress at the start of 2022, at Fonsorbes (Haute-Garonne)west of Toulouse.

Workshops, cold room, shop…

A site that brings together the head office, the manufacturing and packaging workshop, the preparation of internet orders as well as a shop where the essential meats (pork chops, sausages, minced steak, etc.) and meats matured in their room mingle cold on display, and other gourmet products to accompany meat such as wine, chips from Aveyron, pâtés… All on 2000 m2. “With the good weather, we are already a hit on homemade skewers, marinated meat and meats to be grilled”, observes Mathieu Lascours.

The brand’s “physical” development objective is all mapped out.

“Open four additional stores in the next three years. In the short term, we should settle in Agen (Lot-et-Garonne)”.

Mathieu Lascours

A capital approval

On the digital side, the website now accounts for 20% of turnover. An activity that Mathieu Lascours intends to double or quintuple. And good news came to reinforce this ambition, Thursday, May 12, 2022, with the obtaining of an approval allowing the delivery of products to professionals beyond a perimeter of 80 km.

Opening the door to many other markets. One of the conditions sine qua nonin the 21ste century, hoping to write a new chapter of 100 years in the rich history of the Lascours house.

The butcher shop recruits 15 people over two years

The future of the Haut-Garonne butcher also depends on its recruitment plan. Over the next two years, Maison Lascours plans to recruit 15 people, including five immediately. “We are mainly looking for butchers and order pickers,” says Mathieu Lascours.
If he admits finding “difficulty” the right profiles, the manager is more optimistic than a few years ago. “Vocations are coming back, and young people are turning again to butcher training in the CFA (Apprentice Training Centers, editor’s note)”, he continues, convinced that TV shows, in particular, have an impact on this turnaround. of trend.



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