Our dietary advice #7: Balanced TV sets: it’s possible!

Football fan, or addicted to a TV series, the TV set from time to time is nice. Except that very often, it quickly turns into dietary nonsense!
When we eat in front of the TV, the brain is captivated by the screen, no longer pays attention to the quantity of food swallowed and does not identify signals of satiety.
On the other hand, most of the time we eat with our fingers, which further reduces the concentration around the meal. And when it comes to food choices, we often revolve around pizzas, quiches or bread and spreads.
For your TV sets: plan dishes that can be served in a soup plate that does not need to be cut or shelled. For example, adopt the “bowls” technique where the food is finely cut and can be garnished as desired: rice or quinoa base, various raw vegetables, chicken or fish cubes, shrimp or tofu cubes all sprinkled with seeds….
Or opt for small ramekins or bowls, with different preparations: ideal to give the impression of satiety to the brain! As for dessert, ice cream cones or popsicles are popular but can exceed 300 calories per portion!! why not replace them with two scoops of sorbets accompanied by a few fruits to peck at: blueberries, apple cubes, grapes…
Last trap to circumvent: that of the ad break which arrives bends when you have just finished your set. Instead of going to refuel in the fridge, brush your teeth: the minty taste immediately cuts off any desire to refill! it’s better for the line !!!

Some balanced meal tray ideas:

The “Lebanese atmosphere” platter:
Ramekin of tabbouleh / cubes of chicken marinated in lemon and thyme / pita bread / ramekin of tzatziki / bunch of grapes
Adopt the Lebanese tabbouleh recipe with lots of chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, a little bulgur, olive oil and lemon juice

The “farmer” board:
Zucchini soup / egg cocotte with chives + cereal bread spread / green bean salad with walnut kernels / baked apple with cinnamon and raisins
Present the soup in mugs, with small spoons (it allows you to eat more slowly 😊). Prepare a ramekin with the cocotte egg and another with the bean salad seasoned with walnut oil, cider vinegar and chopped chives!

The “Nordic” board:
Ramekin of cucumber salad / smoked salmon rolls / steamed potato cubes with yogurt and dill sauce / Malossol pickles / cinnamon blueberry compote
You can roll the slices of salmon on themselves, then cut them into sections and serve them on cocktail sticks.

The “sweet and savory” platter:
Mini pear skewer and mozzarella balls / green salad / cherry tomatoes, balsamic sauce / chicken wrap (green salad, grated carrots, chicken breast, curry sauce and raisins) / pineapple cubes.

The “veggie” platter:
Crunchy broccoli salad with almonds / bowl of brown rice / bowl of crispy tofu with paprika and pan-fried mushrooms / cottage cheese with a red fruit coulis and dark chocolate granola topping
Season the broccoli florets cooked al dente with a drizzle of olive oil and soy sauce. Add the slivered almonds and some chives. Take out the chopsticks to enjoy the bowl!

The “good looks” plateau:
Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and turmeric / wok of prawns with curry / bowl of crunchy coral lentils with carrots / salad of kiwis and orange wedges, grated coconut
Make serving easier by skinning the shrimp. Sprinkle with curry and coriander when serving. Cook the lentils al dente, and add some crunch to them with strips of raw carrots cut in a vegetable peeler, lightly seasoned with sesame oil and lemon juice.

And what do we drink with that?

alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health consume in moderation

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