Walker prepares sautéed wild mushrooms with fresh herbs | Food for Thought

(June 17, 2022) Food, ambiance and occasion are the major components to entertaining. Whether one is hosting an elegant affair or a festive feast, meticulous attention to the menu is a must for memorable merits. We are faced with countless waves of information that can not only altar our plans but also diminish one’s confidence. … Read more

11 balanced breakfast ideas

Balanced sports breakfast two fruits (orange, kiwi, half a grapefruit) two slices of rye bread + butter + honey a ramekin of cottage cheese + whole grains Because I need: fuel. Either vitamin C, with citrus fruits and kiwi; anti-fatigue and anti-cramp calcium and magnesium, with cereals and cocoa; finally, proteins for energy, with cottage … Read more

Ukraine. Hundreds killed in relentless shelling of Kharkiv – new investigation

Hundreds of civilians have been killed in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, by indiscriminate shelling by Russia, which used widely banned cluster munitions and inherently inaccurate missiles, Amnesty International has said. June 13, 2022. A new report titled Anyone can die at any time’: Indiscriminate attacks by Russian forces in Kharkiv, Ukraine demonstrates that Russian … Read more

OSURA food insecurity fund raises $100,000

Members of The Ohio State University Retirees Association knew they wanted to pursue a new project to support students; the only question was what form that support would take. The organization of retired Ohio State faculty and staff has a long history of giving back to the university, and its members are always looking for … Read more

12 homemade bruschetta recipes

Do you know bruschetta? These little sandwiches, which you can choose from as you wish, will lend themselves perfectly to your aperitifs, your starters or your evening meals. To stock up on delicacies, here are 12 homemade bruschetta recipes. The bruschetta is an Italian culinary preparation, traditionally served as an antipasti (literally meaning “before the … Read more

Healthy and delicious fresh-cooked meals made while you shop

Earlier this year, Loblaws launched Globōl, a new grocerant concept at their Maple Leaf Gardens location. Unlike hot tables of fried foods, salad bars and grab-and-go containers, the quick-serve restaurant mirrors today’s dining and lifestyle shifts. By combining sought-after international flavors with digital convenience, customers can get fresh-cooked bowl foods (or bōl foods) — including … Read more