How to Clean a Bird Bath the Right Way

Photo: If you want your yard to be a welcoming place for birds, there are a few things you should do, including make your windows bird-safe, keep bird feeders clean, and regularly clean bird baths. Clean bird baths provide feathered friends with access to safe water they can drink or use to bathe themselves. … Read more

Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe

Caitlin Bensel Do you ever get an undeniable craving for the exact dish you ate as a kid? This classic, comforting tuna noodle casserole is just that, right down to the cream of mushroom soup in the mix and the crushed potato chips on top. And just like back then, it’s a super budget-friendly casserole … Read more

In the footsteps of minorities in Istanbul: #1 Kadıköy

Every two weeks, on Thursdays, we discover the three officially recognized minorities in Turkey: the Jews, the Armenians and the Greeks. Although these represent today less than 1% of the population, they occupy an essential place in the history of Turkey and Istanbul, and left their traces in the landscape of ancient Constantinople. A cosmopolitan … Read more

Save on jackets, vests, shirts and more

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Outdoor gear can be expensive. Luckily, we found epic sale prices on high-quality apparel and accessories that will survive all of your adventures. Patagonia is currently offering markdowns on cold weather gear, including big discounts on … Read more

In the kitchen with Amélie Veille: for the love of coffee

Amélie Veille presented at the beginning of the summer, on June 3, her 5e album, Our possibilitiesand it is already a great success. On the kitchen side, this singer-songwriter lets herself be inspired by the experiences that present themselves to her, seeks to discover new flavors, always remains respectful of nature, which we jostle too … Read more

Inflation: which non-food items have risen in price the most?

Petrol, electricity, groceries and now…coffee machines. Inflation, which reached 5.8% over one year in June according to INSEE’s provisional estimate, is spreading throughout the economy. The INSEE consumer price index in June showed a 28.5% increase over one year in the price of electricity, gas and other fuels, and a 6.3% increase in food products … Read more