Panda Tea: Organic Tea And Well-Being In Full Boom

After barely two years of existence, Panda Tea has already achieved a turnover of more than one million euros. The ambition of the brand founded by three brothers, and which gained notoriety thanks to Instagram, is to establish itself as a well-being food brand.

With its packaging which represents a Panda’s head, of course, we are quickly conquered. The animal is a symbol of the struggle for ecology. The link with tea is not obvious. But Alexandre Ali, co-founder of Panda Tea, bet on using one of the cutest animals in the world as the face of his organic tea brand. With a strong, original and playful visual identity – which is not common on this market -, it is not surprising to know that it is on Instagram that the brand began to cultivate its notoriety.

3 million cups sold

Launched in 2017, Panda Tea is therefore a tea brand with a premium positioning. In 18 months of existence, the company is already profitable, has achieved more than one million euros in turnover. That’s the equivalent of 3 million cups of tea.

It offers online sale of loose teas (Sencha from China, Camellia from India) as well as blends: from the most classic (those taken before going to sleep or to wake up in the morning), to more original (the Choco Zen, with chocolate aromas as its name suggests). “Mixtures are a very fashionable trend, assures Alexandre Ali. There is an important dimension related to pleasure. “Pure” tastes are more of an expert thing, less accessible”.

All of the blends of teas and infusions come from organic farming. The hand-stitched tea bags are made of biodegradable material and produced in France, near Lyon. From its launch, the brand received the 1% For The Planet label, certifying that it donates at least 1% of its turnover to associations for the protection of the environment. The company’s donations are particularly aimed at associations for the protection of endangered animals and the fight against pollution.

Panda Tea was founded by three brothers in the name of Ali, whose CVs are impressive: Thibault is a pharmacist who graduated from the Faculty of Strasbourg and HEC Paris; Alexandre is a graduate of Grenoble Ecole de Management and has participated in the launch of several e-commerce brands, such as Rad; Robin also studied at HEC Paris and finished a course at Polytechnique and worked in data consulting.

Still be there in 10 years

The Alis started from next to nothing to launch the project: 6,000 euros of invested capital. “A few years ago, if you wanted to start your business, you needed a lot of capital to produce, hire designers, etc., explains Alexandre Ali. Today, with all the digital tools, it is possible to revolutionize an entire vertical with few means. Provided you have a very differentiating product”.

In addition to its product, it is also its proximity to its community that is Panda Tea’s strength. “For years, tea manufacturers have made their sales in catering or mass distribution. This leads to battles over margins and brand visibility on the shelves, analyzes Alexandre Ali. And finally, they forgot to maintain contact with their consumers. “A large presence on social networks, plus online sales, this is the recipe for the panda brand to stay close to its customers.

While Panda Tea generates 95% of its turnover online, the company plans to increase its physical sales volume. The brand was selected by the Casino Group to start a partnership with 50 Franprix stores as part of the innovation program of the large retail chain. Another target of Panda Tea: pharmacies. “The margins made by pharmacies on para-pharmaceutical products and the well-being sector are exploding,” observes Alexandre Ali. With our premium and well-being positioning, we have real potential for their shelves. Ultimately, Panda Tea also plans to open its IRL store to offer its own “offline” experience to its consumers.

Panda Tea has also launched a range of dietary supplements. The objective is to make their brand a reference in the well-being sector. Especially in a world where #healthy abound on social networks. “What we want is to still be there in 10 years,” says Alexandre Ali. Meanwhile, Panda Tea is number one in tea sales on Amazon.

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