Pregnant: all your nutrition and diet questions during pregnancy

Pregnant, we never stop wondering what we have the right to eat, what is good for us and our future baby, in what quantities, how to reduce or limit the ailments of pregnancy through our diet… Anthology of nutrition questions most often asked by expectant mothers. With, of course, our answers!

Pregnant: what remedies for morning sickness?

To avoid unpleasant morning sickness, try not to get up as soon as you wake up and have your breakfast served in bed (enjoy it, you have a good excuse!). You can also try homeopathic treatments.

Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been snacking all the time…

Stop there, especially if it’s cakes and other sweets! Small pleasures are obviously not to be avoided, but to be kept within reason. The extra pounds during pregnancy (over 13 kg) can then be difficult to lose, causing risks to our health… If your cravings for snacking are too hard to curb, give preference to fruit.

I have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes…

It is relatively common for gestational diabetes to be diagnosed during pregnancy, but in most cases the problem is resolved by following a diet specially “concocted” by a dietician.. Checking your blood sugar level will tell you if you need to be put on insulin (which is very rare!). The good news is that gestational diabetes usually goes away after giving birth.

Is it normal to lose weight in early pregnancy?

It’s entirely possible that you’ll lose weight rather than gain it early in your pregnancy. The first months often rhyme with fatigue, nausea and vomiting…which can cause weight loss. If this persists, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Can you eat eggs during pregnancy?

It is of course completely possible to eat eggs if you are pregnant! Sources of vitamin A, essential for the growth of the fetus, and vitamin D, which strengthens its ossification, eggs also provide protein, iron and energy. In short, real allies for future mothers!

Are certain breads to be preferred during pregnancy?

There are not really any breads to eat during pregnancy. All of them are good because they provide the necessary carbohydrates for future mothers, thus avoiding “small drops in the diet”. A word of advice: think of wholemeal bread, it facilitates the intestinal transit that is often disturbed during this period…

Are all fish good for pregnant women?

Even if you love it, forget your sushi cravings during pregnancy because raw fish is to be avoided. It can, in fact, be the cause of listeriosis. Cooked, prefer instead farmed fish, such as salmonand do not abuse large fish such as tuna, sea bream or swordfish which can contain high levels of mercury, not without danger for the fetus.

You can limit the risk of listeriosis by avoiding the consumption of charcuterie products, cheeses, smoked fish, raw shellfish, surimi, tarama… Because these foods (as good as they are!) can harbor listeria, a bacterium dangerous to the fetus. So there is no need to take risks.

Pregnant, is it better to prefer tea or coffee?

Both coffee and tea contain a stimulant (caffeine and theine) which baby would do without… This is why it is advisable to do not drink more than one to two cups a day throughout pregnancy. And this, especially since the consumption of tea decreases your iron absorption. How about trying chicory or caffeine-free tea? These drinks can be good compromises for a few months.

Pregnant and skinny, I’m encouraged to eat more…

During this period, you need reserves in which baby will go to feed and it is therefore necessary to gain weight. It is estimated that a thin woman can take up to 18 kg (contrary to the 12 recommended in general). So, treat yourself, without excess and always in a balanced way of course and do not hesitate to consult your doctor or midwife if you are worried.

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