Restless sleep and falls from bed: the solutions

Install bed rails

Restless sleep can manifest in many ways depending on who experiences it. Bed falls are one of those manifestations that have devastating effects on health, especially in the youngest. However, there are sleeping accessories to limit movement during the night. As you can see on Ma Chambre d’Enfant, the sleeping equipment must evolve to meet age-related needs.

The transition period from a crib to a larger bed is sensitive. In order to prevent falls, the bed rail is an ideal protection. Most gates are practical and allow optimal protection while being easy to install. To be placed at the level of the bed frame, they are available in various models, which allows them to be easily integrated into different types of decoration. Besides the bed with barrier, you can install a mid-high bed in your child’s room to prevent falls when sleeping.

Create a sleep routine to combat restless sleep and falling out of bed

Movements during sleep are sometimes linked to muscles that are not relaxed enough before falling asleep. Establish a routine to take the time to gradually relax before going to bed can thus naturally correct restless sleep problems.

Put screens aside

Exposure to blue light emitted by everyday electronic devices disrupts the secretion of melatonin. This essential hormone for getting good quality nights sleep is difficult to synthesize and the biological clock is out of order. To remedy this, at least an hour before bedtime, ban screens: television, smartphone, laptop, etc. In the rooms, the lights should all be off or be very subdued for better preparation for sleep.

Practice relaxation exercises to avoid having restless sleep

Anxiety and stress are recognized as the main causes of restless sleep. An interesting idea to overcome before slipping under your sheets is to practice some relaxation exercises. It can be any activity that allows you to release the pressure built up during the day. Depending on your habits, a good relaxation exercise can be a easy to read spent with a cup of your favorite hot beverage. Taking a good bath is also an ideal activity to relax you or your children after a long day.

Restless sleep and falls from bed: relax with soft music

City noise pollution is usually involved in restless nights. In order not to let it affect you or your children, you can simply use music to calm your nerves. Preferably choose soft and slow pieces which promote a gradual slowing of the heart rate. A good session of listening to soothing music also serves to regulate the mood to go to bed with peace of mind.

Adopt healthy lifestyle habits

The best option for a lasting fight against night restlessness is to adopt a better lifestyle. This will allow you to benefit from long term results. By trying to modify your lifestyle to enjoy better nights of sleep, you will have to readjust several aspects of your daily life. First of all, you must control your diet more carefully, because it is through it that you receive your essential nutrients.

Besides eating healthy meals during the day, it is necessary to make a point of the last meal. At the end of the day, all kinds of stimulants (coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, etc.) should be avoided. It is also advisable to avoid spicy or too fatty foods which can slow down the metabolism and therefore negatively impact sleep.

On the other hand, light meals rich in carbohydrates are perfect for restful nights of sleep. The time of taking dinner is also important. This meal is indeed to be taken around 7 p.m. at the latest to allow optimal rest for the body. Although strongly encouraged during the day, practicing a sports activity after 5 p.m. is not recommended.

Restless sleep and bed falls: replace the bedding

A calm night is a night spent in an environment conducive to rest. The bedding and all the accessories it involves then play a significant role in the quality of your nights. To remedy the worries of restless nights, consider replacing your current bedding with another more suited to your needs.

Particular emphasis should be placed on the mattress due to the muscle and joint pain it can cause if it is unsuitable. The memory foam mattress and its delicate foam are allies of choice to offer your body or that of your child the support and softness you need. Also, don’t neglect the pillow, which is very important to allow you totake a proper position so as not to move during your sleep and thus avoid falling out of bed.

Opt for cognitive behavioral therapy

A tendency to restless nights and falling out of bed can be explained by poor mental health. In this case, it is imperative to go through a doctor or a specialized therapist who will be able to give you the most effective advice. It is common that for these kinds of problems, patients are subjected to sessions of behavioral and cognitive therapy or CBT. During these sessions, many practical exercises are offered to decondition you and better understand the sources of your pain. The exercises can consist of maintain a sleep diary and adopting a new sleep routine, for example.

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