Riv’K, Israeli cuisine in the heart of the 18th century

At the bend of a walk in the lively streets of the 18th is Riv’K, with its beautiful yellow storefront that catches the eye of the most curious. It’s not for nothing that the chef chose the 18th arrondissement to set up her kitchens. Indeed, this booming neighborhood had everything to welcome the Riv’K (Rivka means Rebecca in Hebrew) and its Israeli-Asian inspired cuisine. It is with pleasure that we tested this address which transported us according to spices and discoveries, the time of a lunch.

A chef with many inspirations

Behind the stoves, we find chef Rebecca Rohmer, “Rivka”, well known on the Parisian culinary scene. It was in 2019, after an already very complete career, that she opened the Riv’K in 2019. She started alongside Akrame Benallal at the Akrame restaurant, then at Les Cocottes de Christian Constant before moving on to Terroir Parisien by Yannick Alleno. She finished her apprenticeship as a demi-chef de partie at Cyril Lignac’s restaurant Aux Près. With all her great experiences, she decided to launch her own menu and opened Riv’K in 2019.

This table, of Israeli-Asian inspiration, is the meeting between the story of Rebecca, her roots and her many trips to Asia and the sensory universes explored in Thailand and Japan in particular.

At only 24 years old, the young chef has already made a name for herself among the neighborhood’s favorite addresses.

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Tasty and delicate Israeli cuisine

Riv’K offers a short menu, but with multiple spices. There are many opportunities to discover oriental flavors.

We wait with two breads as an appetizer. One is a zaatar challah and the other is an elaborate bun made from anise potato and orange blossom. The first fruits thus whet the appetite and suggest an explosion of flavors in the dishes to come.

Among the starters, we find among others: a revisited Tunisian fricassee, spring rolls of avocado with ponzu and tahina sauce, hummus made only with black chickpeas, tofu with zaatar and nori chips. What a good way to start the meal and whet your appetite! But beware, the dishes are also generous, we find the excellent pita with shredded beef with spices or the oriental plate which will make you discover new flavors: Freekeh, pistachio hummus, Jewish artichokes, chalda, falafels Egyptian, Moroccan-style butternuts, tehina, pomegranates, shizo leaf crisps. We won’t detail the whole menu, however, one thing is certain, the portions are generous and the flavors are there!

You can also discover the brunch version at Riv’K

Those for whom the weekend rhymes with Brunch will not be disappointed! Indeed, the chef also offers French Toast just as gourmet as the menu.

Each French Toast is accompanied by roasted potatoes and green salad, ring onions and tahini. We did not taste the French Toasts during our visit, however, we were able to observe them on the side tables. Everything looked excellent and made us want to come back!

French toast to end in style

Remember to save space, because on the dessert side, we are still very well served! The revisited French toast, specialties of the house, will win you over despite a very hearty meal! We strongly advise you to save a little space, if only to have the opportunity to taste one of the many possible variations. Among the choices offered, sometimes with orange blossom, pistachio, orange zest, cinnamon, sometimes caramelized with yuzu marmalade and black sesame ice cream, or even baklava style. It is the latter that we chose to taste and we were not disappointed!

Rivka admirably handles the art of brioche, which she declines with the same skill in both savory and sweet versions, as in the recipe for caramelized French toast with chestnut cream.

Finally, at Riv’k, we end the meal with blue cotton candy, in a blue fish-shaped jar (blue). Nothing is left to chance, since blue is the emblematic color of Israel, represented with the blue cloud of the sky, a sign of purity. The blue vase, meanwhile, represents the seabed, a sign of life. A nice wink to leave more alive than ever!

We will thus remember a friendly, gourmet and spicy address, which will make you discover more or less known flavors, all in an intimate and warm setting.


35 rue Véron, Paris XVIII

  • Wednesday to Friday from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Saturdays and Sundays, continuous service from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

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Instagram: @rivkparis

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