Salad&Co is getting dressed in sizes L, S and on newsstands for franchise deployment

14 years after its launch and duplicated today in 13 copies, the salad’bar concept of the Agapes Restauration group will have a new look and play on the register of “ready to wear”. In the pipeline for next year, 3 new formats in 250, 500 m² but also in newsstands which will be offered to the franchise. Objective of its CEO Romain Toulemonde, to make this nugget shine on a larger scale.

It’s a new collection, which could not be more revamped than Salad&Co is preparing to show next year. Building on the proven success of its concept, notably through some of its large 700 m² liners such as those in Lomme and Villeneuve-d’Ascq-Heron, each of which generates nearly €4 million in turnover by welcoming between 700 and 1,000 customers per day, the brand now intends to move its positions and share with others, a know-how and a corporate culture that are the strength of the brand (21 M€ turnover in 2019 with 6 units opened in that year alone). But above all, to resume its development, put on hold during the crisis. It must be said that since its creation in 2008, the concept which has proven itself, has constantly asserted its positions and reinforced its commitments and its original customer journey which constitute, in addition to the products offered without preservatives and without additives, true markers of differentiation. On arrival, the customer is given a smart card, chooses their all-you-can-eat formula “Salad’bar at €12.90”, “Plancha at €14.90 (all-you-can-eat vegetables)” or “Complete at 16.90 €”, goes freely to the cold or hot buffets, completes his meal always with his menu, at the bar, at the dessert kiosk… and settles in the room. It is only by leaving that he settles.

Romain Toulemonde, Fast-good division leader at Agapes

Pioneer in terms of commitments

The strength of the brand is that it presents a desirable model, which generates strong flows and carries strong messages of commitment and a clear desire to make accessible to customers the flavors of the land and raw products and season, worked on site» explains Romain Toulemonde who recalls the house philosophy based on good for the palate as well as for the body and the planet through ever more assertive progress objectives. In addition to 100% French vegetables, which will be HVE (High Environmental Value) by 2023, the approach also aims to strengthen sector commitments with the ambition of increasing upstream collaborations with producers, the generalization of eggs from hens above ground by 2025 or even joining the BCC (Better Chicken Commitment) in 2026. The brand, which has planned to carry out a carbon footprint assessment in 2022, further emphasizes its virtuous practices, whether at the processing of its waste with the creation of compost that will be offered to customers, just as it is working to reduce delivery packaging with its supply chain partners (in this case Pomona).

A new course to gain fluidity

After putting his foot on the brake, Covid obliges, Romain Toulemonde now wants to start again with this “healthy” nugget that he intends to shine on a larger scale. A V2 of the concept currently being finalized will see the light of day in 2022. Without sacrificing the fundamentals of the brand acclaimed by its customers, and in an even more vegetated decor, even more comfortable and with furniture that will play more on the register of elegance, modernity and intimacy, Salad&Co new model, will be available in 3 formats with a revisited customer journey. This for, ” streamline traffic and the experience », explains the director of Salad&Co, who mentions the multiplication of fragmented islands (bar, desserts, table of flavors, drinking fountain, etc.) which will facilitate circulation, of an even more open kitchen, of ever more raw and authentic materials. The first copy is planned in small format (200 m² salad bar version without hot pole) and in the city center. It will be followed immediately by a 500 m² model which should constitute the heart of the new reactor and the Salad&Co flagship. We should find there the brand’s latest advances, in terms of technology (terminals among others), but also an assisted notification system at the table when an order is ready. But also, again and again, the all-you-can-eat salad’bar, the griddle pole, the olive trees in the room, the greenhouse, the freshness workshop and the plurality of forms of seating to monopolize the place solo, in couple or between friends in a friendly atmosphere. Finally, the 3e model under study is the kiosk of 9 to 10 m² salad’bar style, which can be grafted into malls or supermarkets.


Through these 3 new formats, Romain Toulemonde is first focusing on cluster development, around its strongholds, the northern region, but also Bordeaux or even Toulon, Angers, Caen or Toulouse. With 4 franchise openings per year, it intends to offer the market a differentiating, committed and generous brand. Completely in tune with the times.


The existing 700 m² model

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