Sleeve. Faced with the shortage of certain food products, prices are soaring

For the past few weeks, sunflower oil supplies have been more complicated for supermarkets and wholesalers. (©Jean-Paul BARBIER/La Manche Press)

L’Ukraine being a very major producer of sunflower oil, the market quickly became extremely tense. The restorers are necessarily the most worried about the supply difficulties.

When panic creates scarcity

On the Intermarché storesfor example, posters ask clients of ” limit purchases 3 bottles per checkout. »

“We still have some difficulties. It will certainly resolve itself but I am unable to tell you when. I have no response. What created panic among everyone is that he said to himself that it was going to be complicated. »

Eric Michel Owner-operator of Intermarché d’Octeville-Les Fourches

As with the pastathe rice where the toilet paper during the first confinementsThose are the overbought of everyone who creates the shortage. “I’ve had restaurant owners come in and fill two caddies full of oil,” probably because they didn’t get any from the usual wholesalers. Professionals build up stocks because they need them for their frying. Seeing almost empty shelves, individuals also buy more than their usual consumption.

“There are people who have reserves at home that are not used. The crisis is created like this. We arrive at situations of panic. We will find it in other segments. »

Eric Michael owner-operator of Intermarché d’Octeville-Les Fourches

The market does will return to normal only when we stop “descending to panic.” »

The situation is easing… a little bit

At the house of promocashat Tourlaville, panic was created among its restaurant customers in a few hours. Then, ” for a monthwe received nothing and we lived on our inventory. We started early March quota to satisfy everyone,” says Cédric Delaplace, the manager. The situation relaxes a little bit:

“We received a delivery last week. »

However, this delivery contains only a forty 25 liter cans “while we have about sixty regular customers. Unfortunately, we cannot cut the cans in half…”

In the Carrefour group (of which Promocash is a part), 60% of the sunflower oils sold came from Ukraine. “We could perhaps have other palettes, but at exorbitant prices that exceed €100. The manager does not want to put his hand in the gears of speculation which is probably caused by certain links.

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A problem with the flour?

“I don’t want people to take us for thieves. The price of sunflower oil has soared enough: “We had it at €30 for 25 litres, now we’re at a sale price of €75. It more than doubled. ” Since then, the difficulties necessarily have repercussions on products made from oil: some saucesthe mustardthe ketchup. »

But that’s not all: “We are bothered about flour which was mainly imported from Poland. For this product, it may be a blessing in disguise:

“We have been working local millers for three weeks. It’s good. We are proud of it. It’s slightly more expensive, but at least it’s local. And the demand for local products in restaurants is there. »

Poultry, ground beef, etc.

Another problem: the Avian Flu who rages in France causes a lack of poultry and soon, eggs. And the breeders of beef in France deciding to reduce their production or even to stop (for lack of prices covering their costs and faced with a lack of societal recognition for too long), this market is also struggling:

“In minced steak, it becomes very tense. »

Overall, if not not very optimistic over the next few months”, Cédric Delaplace ” manage the crisis “. “It’s a shame because we felt that the activity resumed in the restaurants with the Sun and the holidays. » As an alternative to sunflower oil, Cédric Delaplace directs his clients towards beef fat (already used by chip shops in the North of France) and theColza oil.

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