Stocks fall, Chinese yuan crosses 7.2 against the dollar

Oil prices dip as strong US dollar offsets hurricane production cuts Oil prices sank on Wednesday as the strong US dollar offsets US production cuts from Hurricane Ian. Brent crude futures shed 2.06% to stand at $84.49 per barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate also dropped 2.15% to $76.78 per barrel. — Lee Ying Shan … Read more

What Kroger, Walmart, Target learned from China about grocery’s future

Now going on 140 years in business, Cincinnati-based Kroger sped up its push into digital retailing during the pandemic, and grocery store chain isn’t looking back. Kroger has adopted an omnichannel strategy, integration of offline or in-store sales with online orders and logistics. It’s a concept that originated in China in 2016 when founder Jack … Read more

Charlyn Fargo Ware: Whole Grains Are No Half-Step to Your Health | YourHealth

September is National Whole Grains Month, a time to celebrate the nutrition that eating whole grains — over refined grains — has to offer. But what exactly is a whole grain? A whole grain contains three parts: the bran, the germ and the endosperm (refined grains only contain the endosperm). The bran and germ help … Read more

Impact on Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand: Nomura

Rice production in India has fallen by 5.6% year on year as of September in light of below-average monsoon rainfall, which has affected harvest, Nomura said. Rebecca Conway | Getty Images News | Getty Images India, the world’s largest rice exporter, has banned shipments of broken rice — a move that will reverberate across Asia, … Read more

R. Kelly convicted of child pornography charges in Chicago trial

A federal jury on Wednesday convicted R. Kelly of several child pornography and sex abuse charges in his hometown of Chicago, delivering another legal blow to a singer who used to be one of the biggest R&B stars in the world. Kelly, 55, was found guilty on three counts of child pornography and three counts … Read more

Schools, caterers face tough decisions as energy crisis hits kids’ meals

UK school caterers have warned that rising food costs and supply chain constraints could see children facing smaller portions in canteens, with low-income families the worst affected. Picture Alliance | Getty Images As UK schools reopen for the autumn term, caterers are warning that children could be faced with smaller lunch portions and lower-quality dishes … Read more

Charlyn Fargo Ware: Family Breakfast Benefits Are Food for Thought | YourHealth

A new study finds eating a healthy breakfast — together at home — goes a long way to help your children’s psychosocial health. We already know that eating a healthy breakfast is important to help children’s cognitive scores at school. This study found eating a healthy breakfast was just as important for children’s behaviors. In … Read more

Airlines revamp in-flight menus, from vegan meatballs to ice cream sundaes

Courtesy: Singapore Airlines The aromas of airplane food are once again wafting through cabins at 35,000 feet. From vegan meatballs to ice cream sundaes, airlines are offering new options and old favorites to woo returning travelers. As the peak travel season fades and inflation weighs on household and company budgets, it’s even more important than … Read more

Europe’s extreme weather risks smaller harvests and higher food prices

British farmers have warned that the country’s hot and dry conditions will inevitably lead to smaller harvests this year. Planet One Pictures | Universal Images Group | Getty Images In a typical year, Rodger Hobson can expect to produce around 35,000 tons of carrots on his 880-acre farm in Yorkshire in northern England. But 2022 … Read more

Companies hope to capitalize on growing market

Grainwave, a Belgian-Style white ale, THC infused, non-alcoholic cannabis beer at the Ceria Brewing Co. at the Keef Cola facility December 13, 2018. Andy Cross | Denver Post | Getty Images You can smoke it, vape it and eat it. Now as more US states legalize recreational marijuana, companies are betting people will also want … Read more