Students demonstrate in Twin Falls for action on salmon recovery | Environment

A group of high school students from the Wood River Valley dropped a banner from the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls on Nov. 12 that read “Restore the Lower Snake River” and “Honor Indigenous Rights and Treaties.” Their public demonstration, which also occurred elsewhere along the rim of the Snake River Canyon, was meant to … Read more

Are algae the food of tomorrow?

“It tastes like bacon. It’s crispy and then there’s this gigantic flavor explosion,” warns Beth Zotter, CEO of Umaro Foods. This San Francisco start-up produces bacon from an unexpected source: seaweed. Beth Zotter is one of the many entrepreneurs who have decided to exploit the potential of algae, a category that includes thousands of marine … Read more

Washington Bans Fish-Farming Net Pens, Citing Salmon Threat

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington banned fish-farming with net pens in state waters on Friday, citing danger to struggling native salmon. Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz issued an executive order banning the aquaculture method, which involves raising fish in large floating pens anchored in the water and has been practiced in Puget Sound for more than … Read more

Pumpkin like you’ve never had it before | Food Features

click to enlarge Credit: Ann Shaffer Glatz Pumpkin gnocchi browning in sage butter Gnocchi, pronounced N’YAW-kee, are little pieces of dough, usually round or oblong in shape, which are boiled in water or broth and tossed in a sauce. The word gnocchi is the plural of the Italian word gnocco, which means “little lump.” They … Read more

Support healthy holiday eating | Capital City Parent

The holidays can bring a lot of fun and happiness to our lives, but also a few extra pounds. Modeling healthy eating for our children is ideal to help them also eat a healthier diet, but with Aunt Gertrude’s famous pumpkin pie and Uncle Dorsey’s divinity at every family party, how do we do this? … Read more

Measuring business climate impact with carbon handprint – POLITICO

Taking impactful and beneficial action on climate is a key ambition for companies worldwide. In a complex and ever-changing economic environment, however, it is not clear how companies large and small can do this in practice – and in tandem with others in the national and global markets. Terms like ‘greenwashing’ are rightly growing in … Read more

Experience 5-Star Luxury with Saigontourist | Tourism

Grand Saigon Hotel. Photo: Saigontourist/CVN Hanoi (VNA) – Big promotions are running until December 31, in three 5-star hotels of the Saigontourist group, in Ho Chi Minh City. Rex Saigon 141, Nguyên Huê street, 1st district Tel.: (+84-28) 38 29 21 85 For room reservations of at least five consecutive nights with the “Long Stay” … Read more

Agriculture: getting out of the Shadok logic

Since the 1950s, the desire to master nature in order to produce ever more has led to the replacement of animal and human labor with fossil fuels and chemicals. Lazy plants have appeared: stuffed with fertilizer, they do without their nitrogen-fixing auxiliaries; cultivated in monoculture on large surfaces, they are more susceptible to diseases and … Read more

Indonesia bets on nickel, despite the ravages of its exploitation

Published on : 11/14/2022 – 00:05 Elon Musk will engage with world leaders at the G20 which opens in Bali this week, invited as a Tesla executive by host country Indonesia. The world’s largest nickel producer, Indonesia is of great interest to Elon Musk. And if in the Indonesian archipelago, many are enthusiastic about the … Read more

Coffee, prawns… protecting biodiversity also plays out on our plates

What if we gave up salmon and chocolate to help save wildlife ? According to the Afterres2050 report devoted to biodiversity, published on November 10 by the Solagro association [1]In any case, you have to modify your diet. The “ preservation of nature cannot be envisaged without a profound questioning of our consumption »she wrote. … Read more