Scorpios, Kalesma, Coya… Our favorite addresses for a long weekend in Mykonos

A postcard view at Kalesma Mykonos. press photo A dream view of the Aegean Sea, a chef’s menu… The island is not just a huge open-air party, it is home to some of the best spots in the Cyclades. With more than two million visitors during July and August 2021, more than any other European … Read more

in Turkey, the taboo around menstruation is lifted

REPORTAGE.- In Erdogan’s country, where the subject of menstruation is still taboo and where women’s rights are constantly violated, initiatives are moving the lines: menstrual leave, distribution of pads, bills… A revolution. It was a summer morning in 2016. Her stomach knotted and her head mush, like every new moon, Merve Bakir first took off … Read more

Equivalents to superfoods, cheaper and with the same virtues

Superfoods pamper our health, but they are hard to find and their price is often high. Discover their less expensive equivalents that are just as good for our form. They have adorned the shelves of organic stores for several years and squat on the covers of books stamped “health food”. These are the superfoods, including … Read more

the incredible journey of Bebe Vio, Paralympic athlete who became the new face of L’Oréal

Beatrice Vio during the Paralympic Games. (August 29, 2021.) AFP Forum Having had her four limbs amputated at the age of 11, she has just been appointed international spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris. Back on the journey of a fierce fencer. Sitting on her wheelchair, she greets her opponent, then the referee, with her foil screwed … Read more

How to healthy breakfast without being hungry at 10 o’clock?

By Ophelie Ostermann Published on 05/31/2021 at 08:45, Update on 05/31/2021 at 1:24 p.m. Whether you are savory or sweet, the important thing is to have your protein, fiber and good fat intake so that you do not feel hungry by mid-morning. iStock The right question. – “Breakfast like a king in the morning”, they … Read more

Seven mistakes to avoid for a successful healthy smoothie

By Ophelie Ostermann Posted on 08/06/2021 at 10:00, Update on 06/08/2021 at 16:23 Health accessory par excellence, the smoothie can lose all its virtues if you don’t follow a few rules. Getty Images Health accessory par excellence, the smoothie can lose all its virtues if you don’t follow a few rules. Follow the advice of … Read more