Aussies horrified at American chain Outback Steakhouse for its supposedly ‘authentic’ Aussie meals

Australians are sharing their horror at the US restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse that claims to serve authentic Aussie dishes. The eatery has more than 1,000 locations across the US and the Asia Pacific region – including in Australia itself – but its menu seems to be confusing Australians with dishes most have never even heard … Read more

Give your salads some omph with these exquisite flavor combinations from new River Cottage cookbook

BEETROOT, CURED SEA BASS, BLACKBERRIES AND CHILLI The acid from the blackberries helps cut through the richness here, and the addictive hit of chilli keeps you coming back for more. Serves 2 aces in hand, 4 aces in starter 1 fillet of wild sea bass (or bream), rod-and-line caught (about 250g/9oz) 200g (7oz) fine sea … Read more