Thanksgiving leftovers: What to do with all the food

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How to have a low-waste, climate friendly Thanksgiving feast

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How to help teens can avoid diet culture this holiday season

Editor’s Note: Katie Hurley, author of “No More Mean Girls: The Secret to Raising Strong, Confident and Compassionate Girls,” is a child and adolescent psychotherapist in Los Angeles. She specializes in working with tweens, teens and young adults. CNN — “I have a couple of spots for anyone who wants to lose 20 pounds by … Read more

These 5-Minute Indian Meals Are a Weeknight Game Changer

Photo: BunxPav Studio Though I had the privilege of enjoying my mom’s home cooking growing up, her cooking skills didn’t completely transfer to me. Let’s face it, everyone’s busy, and sometimes preparing food can feel especially taxing. But despite the hurdles involved with cooking, there are days when I crave something cozy and comforting and … Read more

Make This Apple Cider Cake When You’re Over Pie

Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann All this talk about Thanksgiving pie has made me crave cake. Pie is ubiquitous for Thanksgiving, but sometimes, enough is enough. Its multiple components, time- and heat-sensitive nature, and finicky crust can make pie a host’s nightmare. As a guest, pie is lovely when it’s goodbut I’ve had my fill of … Read more

This non-alcoholic kombucha has nearly 3 times the legal alcohol limit

Daily Organics Kombucha is sold as a non-alcoholic drink in supermarkets across Aotearoa but testing shows one of its products is the same strength as some beers. Re: News had three varieties of Daily Organics Kombucha tested by internationally accredited Hill Laboratories, which found one of those drinks was nearly three times over the legal … Read more

More than 180 organizations urge governor to fund healthy meals for students in 2024 budget | Education

MASSENA — More than 180 organizations are urgent Gov. Kathleen C. Hochul to fund healthy meals for students in her fiscal year 2024 state budget. The Healthy School Meals for All Coalition includes education, parent and teacher groups, labor unions, anti-hunger, nutrition, health and equity advocates, led by Hunger Solutions New York and Community Food … Read more

Make This Crispy Lasagna Cake

Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann The middle slice of lasagna is always the gooiest representation of the dish—more photogenic and more highly prized, since it’s protected on all sides and often has the best balance of fillings. But we all know where the real action is: the crispy edges, where the cheese has a satisfying crunch. … Read more

Pair Soup and Sandwich for a Warming Winter Meal – Pasadena Weekendr

Cool winter days and their cold, crisp air call for a quick warmup in the form of a classic combo: soup and sandwich. Next time you need warmed up from the inside out, go for a homemade pairing that brings together a cheesy handheld and hearty minestrone. When you sit down for a wintertime meal … Read more