Best fall and summer restaurant food around Sacramento, CA

The Oktoberfest sampler ($40) lets customers taste some menu highlights at Kathrin’s Biergarten. Benjy Egel Is it still summer? Is it fall yet? Sacramento’s weather gods couldn’t make up their minds in September, and my food choices fluctuated greatly as a result. Nothing sounded better than light beer and German sausages when a heat … Read more

Eat Right: Junk food ingredients – little presence, large hazards

In the previous column, we discussed the major ingredients of junk food that can have a detrimental effect on our health. Next in the series, we focus on the ingredients of junk food that are used to enhance the acceptability or acceptance of different fast food products. Though used in small fractions, these may produce … Read more

New restaurants and food open now around Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento area is in a full-on restaurant boom, and hungry mouths everywhere get to reap the benefits. At least 33 restaurants opened around the region in September, following 35 in August. A normal month in 2022’s first half might have seen 20 open. Eight new restaurants opened around downtown and midtown Sacramento, a flood … Read more

Harvest Crew Meals: Filling Stomachs While Filling Silos | Farm and Rural Family Life

Twice a year, for a week or two each time, there is a harvest crew to feed. In the spring, they chop rye, and each fall, fields of corn, both filling silos with food for the cows. My job, shared with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law, is to “feed the men,” as my children put it. … Read more

Community panties offer helping hand | Arts & Culture

Limited access to food is a widespread issue that affects numerous communities in the area, including students in Lane County. UO associate dean of students, Jimmy Howard, explained more about the importance of students’ secure access to food. “Food security is foundational to how people live and thrive. I think most people would probably be … Read more

Mushrooms in Japanese cuisine: multiple flavors

shiitake, nameko, ergi…Let’s discover the names and specificities of the different varieties of mushrooms most consumed in Japan. A very ancient food source in Japan Since ancient times, mushrooms, or kinoko, are a staple of Japanese cuisine. Ceramic mushrooms unearthed at ancient sites from the prehistoric Jomon period reveal that they were a recurring part … Read more

Senior Docket for Oct. 2 | Westerly

WESTLY Westerly Senior Center is located at 39 State St., Westerly. Center hours are Mon. to Fri., 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Staff members will be available, Monday through Friday, at 401-596-2404. Dine-in meal service is available for lunch. Call 401-596-7216 or sign the clipboard outside the mealsite office at the center by Thursday to … Read more

LEE WARD: Chinese make in, not take out | News

Sure, you’re tired, so you order Chinese food. But when you want some good, hot Chinese food, it’s not that tough to do it yourself. There recipes are from Taste of Home and include my favorite, crab rangoon. EASY CHICKEN FRIED RICE 1 package (12 ounces) frozen mixed vegetables 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided 2 … Read more

BC3 among first in state to be designated as Hunger-Free Campus | News

Butler – The frozen chicken wings, fresh sweet potato, boxed pasta and bottled juice Kelly Heckert wheels with other foods in a red wagon from Butler County Community College’s Pioneer Pantry will provide supplemental nutrition for the adult literacy student and her 5-year-old granddaughter . “Not only are they educating us,” the 51-year-old Butler resident … Read more

At the Table: Paella equals Spain | food

I took my first trip to Spain in 2016. I landed in Barcelona for a vacation with my adult children for a week, then alone in Madrid for two days of museum bliss. The longest part of the journey began when my husband and four friends arrived to tour the Andalusian region together. I was … Read more