Fresh Herbs Pack a Healthy Punch in Holiday Italian Stuffing | 4M’s on Marco

Haven’t made your stuffing yet? Try something new this Thanksgiving. One of my favorite recipes for holiday meals is Italian Herb Stuffing. Celebrating with Italian flare always adds a bit of zest to the meal! My husband adapted this recipe over a decade ago while he was researching Thanksgiving recipes. We only have an old … Read more

Thanksgiving for just a few? Cook has turkey breast | Nation

(Editor’s Note: This article was originally published Nov. 22, 2020.) My own Thanksgiving dinner this year will be for just two, plus a Zoom call (assuming the system doesn’t crash with everyone trying to use it at the same time). So instead of getting a big bird and defrosting it for a week, I’ll be … Read more

Lisa Brown: Find culinary inspiration with new ‘Shelf Love’ cookbook | Lifestyles

I love a complicated recipe that leads to me spending an afternoon in the kitchen, almost as much as I love shopping at farmers markets for locally sourced foods for my meals. But sometimes a person wants to keep things simple and empty out that pantry, refrigerator, or freezer, if only to make room for … Read more

Prairie Fare: Squeeze more space out of your kitchen | Columnists

“I’m going to get these super-cute pig canisters that are half off,” my younger daughter texted, along with a link to a picture. “They’re cute!” I replied. “Where are you going to fit them on your counter?” I thought of myself. However, I restrained from being the negative influence. “I think you will need a … Read more

Annabel Langbein: Recipes with ginger – Sweet & sour chicken, chilli-ginger brussels sprouts, roasted ginger pears. Yvonne Lorkin’s drinks matches.

Sweet and sour ginger chicken. Photo / Manja Wachsmuth Recently, someone asked me what they could use as a substitute for ginger. Often you can make spice or herb swaps, which, while not delivering the exact note of flavor, can offer a satisfactory match flavor profile and intensity. You can, for example, easily swap oregano … Read more

Tea time: Couple grows, dries, mixes herbal blends on Mission Valley farm | Montana News

ST. IGNATIUS – Inside a specially-designed shed at Awesome Herbs farm on Monday, Larry Neskey used a ladder to stack huge fragrant bundles of tulsi herbs on the shelves so they could dry in the summer heat. “Getting the drying shed built was really awesome because it was really a bottleneck in the operations,” Neskey … Read more